Monday, April 30, 2012

Farmers Breakfast

Each month in Carter's kindergarten class, they have a special day where they combine the two classes and do fun activities.  In April they studied things related to farms - they made butter one morning and even have chicken eggs in an incubator! On Friday their monthly "happening" was a Farmer's Breakfast.  They were able to eat eggs and toast, make farm related crafts and indulge in 'purple cows' (ice cream and grape juice)  The kids were encouraged to dress up like farmers - and it was so funny to see what some kids came up with. 

Kennedy didn't have much western wear, but she desperately wanted to dress up too.  Thank goodness for hats!

Carter and his good friend, Ryan 

They used a chocolate pudding "mud" to make artwork...the kids figured it out rather quickly that the "mud" was in fact chocolate, I shudder to think how many of the objects were licked by various littles.  Bleh.

Carter's teacher, Mrs. Young, is so sweet about bringing in siblings.  I'm grateful that she is so welcoming and loves to include them.  Her theory is that it's a great introduction to school and a kindergarten classroom.  Kennedy loves it and dives right in to the activities.  Of course the ice cream station was her favorite :)

Carter and his buddy, Dominic

Carter and Estella being silly!
They made this quacking ducks out of Solo cups, string and a little bit of wet sponge.
The loud quacking like sound got old real fast.
These two are so funny together.  Estella really couldn't be any sweeter!

Love these faces

Carter and his buddies
Tyler, Cole, Auggie and Ryan

Overall, a great day on the farm!

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