Monday, April 30, 2012

Farmers Breakfast

Each month in Carter's kindergarten class, they have a special day where they combine the two classes and do fun activities.  In April they studied things related to farms - they made butter one morning and even have chicken eggs in an incubator! On Friday their monthly "happening" was a Farmer's Breakfast.  They were able to eat eggs and toast, make farm related crafts and indulge in 'purple cows' (ice cream and grape juice)  The kids were encouraged to dress up like farmers - and it was so funny to see what some kids came up with. 

Kennedy didn't have much western wear, but she desperately wanted to dress up too.  Thank goodness for hats!

Carter and his good friend, Ryan 

They used a chocolate pudding "mud" to make artwork...the kids figured it out rather quickly that the "mud" was in fact chocolate, I shudder to think how many of the objects were licked by various littles.  Bleh.

Carter's teacher, Mrs. Young, is so sweet about bringing in siblings.  I'm grateful that she is so welcoming and loves to include them.  Her theory is that it's a great introduction to school and a kindergarten classroom.  Kennedy loves it and dives right in to the activities.  Of course the ice cream station was her favorite :)

Carter and his buddy, Dominic

Carter and Estella being silly!
They made this quacking ducks out of Solo cups, string and a little bit of wet sponge.
The loud quacking like sound got old real fast.
These two are so funny together.  Estella really couldn't be any sweeter!

Love these faces

Carter and his buddies
Tyler, Cole, Auggie and Ryan

Overall, a great day on the farm!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun with my iPhone

I have finally joined the masses and have an iPhone.  I am even texting (gasp!), can you believe it?  We still don't have a texting plan, so I use is sparingly, but it just seems like the way that people are communicating these days.  And what can I say, I tend to follow the trends.

I've enjoyed taking pictures with my phone and find it to be a lot easier than lugging our camera around.  Here are some pictures from the week - InstaFriday we can call it.  (a few other blogs that I follow do this, in various ways, and I've always thought it would be fun)

Kennedy and I went to a local bagel shop for lunch last week
Some art from school was on display and they had given all of the children a little gift certificate.  After a morning at the mall, we had a fun lunch together.  It was a wonderful way to spend the day with my girl!

Kyle and I enjoyed 24 hours kid free, courtesy of Ken and Diane.  They took the kids to Cirque Du Soleil and Kyle and I took advantage of it.  We enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine, watched a movie, went to church and then sat out on the deck at Who Songs and just talked.  It was FABULOUS!  We both felt refreshed and reconnected.

A beer at Cinetopia before our movie

After church on Sunday we headed to the river (with the rest of Vancouver!) and enjoyed some drinks out on the patio soaking up every second of the sun.  It was funny to see people grabbing for umbrellas or fanning themselves...I wanted to be hot.  It felt like we needed to fill up our tanks with as much sunshine as we possibly could!

a giant margarita
it was delicious!

Carter played at Estella's house on Monday after school.  It was another gorgeous day, so they played outside, sprayed each other with the hose and ate Popsicles.  Carter didn't want to come home.

I worked all week, during the day, which is not normal for us.  I actually kind of enjoyed it.  I think it was a combination of knowing that it was only for five days and just feeling "normal" again.  Although I enjoyed my time at work, it was so wonderful to come home and to be greeted by my loving littles.  They were extra huggy and said how much they missed me.  It was nice.  Very nice.

And here is where I spent the majority of my time this week.
I was learning new instrumentation at work, so I spent the week in training.

Lots and lots of tubes
Each of these donor tubes represents up to five life-saving blood products.
I'm proud of the work that we do at the Red Cross.

Kennedy and Carter spent Wednesday out in Hillsboro with Grandma and Papa
They had a lot of fun and
Kennedy was tuckered out.
She fell asleep during the car ride home and we tried to wake her...this is how far we got.
Our sweet Jake was watching over her as she slept.

LEGOS!  Carter received lots of Lego sets for his birthday so many nights have been spent building and constructing.
Oh Carter.
Today Carter was asked to go to his room for a little quiet time and this is how I found him...
reading one of my magazines - In Style - trying to read the words and enjoying the pictures.  
Funny stuff

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's a Lego Party

I am finally nearing the end of Carter's birthday pictures and I think I've saved the best for last.  We had such a great time celebrating Carter's birthday with family and friends.  His Lego themed party was so much fun and all of the kids seemed to enjoy themselves, as well.

The finished treat table
I wish I would have gotten a close up of the sugar cookies that we made to include in the favor bags.  They were squares and rectangles made to look like Legos.  We used blue, green and yellow frosting and topped them with M&M's.  My talented friend, Kathy, is known for her yummy sugar cookies and she was such a big help in getting these made.  I should have snapped a picture of us hard at work decorating them, too.

Carter -6!
Kennedy - 3

It was so wonderful to have Nana here celebrating with us.
I'm not quite sure how I'd ever pull off a party without her!

Papa and Grandma joined in on the fun, too



Cake time

A little shy as everyone sang

making a wish

first up to the pinata
busted a pretty big hole, so it didn't last long

Andrew and all of his muscles managed to break the pinata open.  I was worried the kids would be sad that they didn't get a turn, but once the candy was out, everyone was thrilled.


Really, it was so much fun to celebrate with our wonderful friends and family.  I know Carter felt like his day was special and was happy to be surrounded by love.
Thanks to everyone who helped make this birthday extra special!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Carter is 6!

Happy 6th Birthday, Carter!

Carter's birthday fun started off with breakfast in bed.  He had requested cinnamon rolls and fruit, which was thankfully very simple to put together.  I really think eating in his bed was one of the high points of the day for him.  He was so excited...I think it was a mix of doing something new and different and also getting to break the rules a bit.  What fun!

We sang 'happy birthday'

and he was happy

thrilled, really

After we all got ready, we had a few minutes to spare before his party started.  He was dying to open a few presents, so we decided it would be okay to open a few from us and some from Nana.  It was actully nice to spread it out, as we tend to go a little overboard with gifts.  Each year I try hard to reign it in, and I do think this year was better.  I am just realizing that they don't need so much stuff.  I'd rather spend our money on experiences and special things like that.  I'm making progress.

the anticipation was killing him
what could it be?

a beyblade stadium, something that was at the top of his wishlist

A few more gifts after his party
I can't begin to explain how much this boy loves Alvin and the Chipmunks.  He now has all three movies and he just laughs and laughs each and every time he watches them. 

After a little rest that afternoon, we headed to Red Robin for a fun birthday dinner.
Everyone was tired after a busy day, but we had a good time.

My six year old boy
Looking so big and grown up

We got Kennedy out of her pajamas with a promise of a little ice cream

Excited (and a little shy) about being serenaded by the wait staff
It's always fun to see his reaction

A happy birthday, indeed

Happy Birthday, Carter - Part 1

Carter really wanted to have his birthday party at Big Al's this year.  As far as bowling alley's go, it's a great, clean and a lot of fun for kids.  Instead of having the entire party at the bowling alley, we met there, the kids bowled a game and then they got $5 to play in the arcade.  I think most of the boys would have been satisfied bowling about 7 or 8 frames and by the end all were excited to head to the arcade.
After Big Al's we headed back home (next post) and continued the party...

here are a few pictures from the morning
Carter got a little mopey because he wasn't winning, but after a little pep talk and some silliness with his friends, he was all smiles again.  He's a wee bit competitive and I just can't figure out who he got that particular personality trait from ;)

Kennedy and Emory got their own lane to bowl and were able to bowl two full games by the time the boys had finished up their one.
She had a rough time of it towards the end of our time at Big Al' fact, she was a mess!  It all started because Daddy wasn't able to win her a stuffed animal from those claw type machines (a total rip off, really).  Then she was devastated because she didn't have very many tickets to buy any junk prizes from the gift shop.  Her screams and cries lasted all the way wasn't pretty.
She ended up crying in her room for quite awhile and then rejoined the party in her pajamas.  I wasn't happy.  It's hard being three when the day isn't about you, isn't it Sister?

Carter and his friend from school, Jack

a few sweet friends
Samuel, Andrew, Carter and Nate (can't really see his cute face)

Fun times!

Silly boys
Weston, Ryan, Carter, Jack and Adrian

arcade fun

Samuel playing a football game - he did great!

Andrew with lots of tickets!

Definitely a fun start to a great party!