Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter morning started off bright and early in our house.  After staying up late to finish baskets and breakfast preparations, I was kind of dragging.  But after seeing the joy on the kids' faces, I perked right up.

Carter and Kennedy and all of their loot.
That Easter bunny is one generous fellow, lots of fun gifts and treats.

Once the baskets had been properly inspected and emptied, the egg hunt was on.
The Easter bunny hid a lot of eggs around the house and some were even a little tricky.  Instead of lots of candy, many were filled with coins instead.

Helping and comparing.

He is risen!
He is risen indeed!

I love Easter. I love the promise that was fulfilled on that first Easter morning and I am grateful for my life in a forgiving God.
Sometimes I wish that the day wasn't so secular and commercialized, but I understand that these traditions are done in fun and we tried very hard not to loose sight of the true gift of Easter - our eternal salvation in Jesus Christ, our risen Lord.

I also must shamefully admit that I did not do a good job projecting the love of Christ this particular morning.  Easter morning was a bit stressful...coupled with a lack of sleep and two children who wanted nothing to do with their cranky mother and it was a recipe for disaster.  We piled into the car (after desperately trying to snap a few decent pictures) and raced off to church.  As we drove, I silently prayed, asking for forgiveness and feeling humbled that it was granted.  I felt so undeserving.  Again, I was reminded of the grace of God.
Easter service was beautiful, as always.  The choir sang an incredible song to start off the hour and I loved proclaiming together "He is risen indeed!"  Always one of my very favorite Sundays of the year.  I felt so filled and uplifted, loved and forgiven.
We were able to restart our day after church and enjoyed the glorious sunshine and time with family. 
A truly beautiful day!

A few snapshots before church

Even when in need of a haircut, he's a cutie! 
He actually asked me to take this picture of him - silly boy!

Grandma and Kennedy

Our sweet nephew, Brady, dressed in his Easter best

I had to include this picture, because it's so Kennedy.  Equal parts sweet little girl in a pretty dress and rough and tough, bike riding, spirited girl.

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