Monday, May 30, 2011

Dozer Days

Our fourth time to Dozer Days was great! We got in at the perfect time, rode four dozers in just a few minutes while avoiding the crazy crowds of later in the day. The kids had a blast and we all really enjoyed our time.

Carter in the fire engine

Excavator #1

Kennedy went on everything this year and had so much fun.


Giant earth shaking roll-y thing

We met up with the Pikes and played with them a bit. It's so great having them live close.My little recyclers

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Batters up!

Carter is playing tee ball this year and he's loving every minute of it! He's on the Cubs and Kyle is the coach (definitely more work than he thought it would be). It's been a great season and the kids have really improved.

In the dugout before the first game.

The Cubs

Up to bat - Carter has a good swing and is so serious when he's up to bat.

Carter and Andrew

These two little guys are such good friends. We've been so lucky that they've been able to be on the same sports teams so far. They're both little star athletes in the making.

Catching! All the kids love to play catcher so that they can put on all the gear.

First baseman - ready for the ball

a little more spring cleaning

I'm in the home stretch...after 8 posts in one morning, I'm finally seeing my "to do" list shrink. It's been such a busy couple of months, but I am committed to writing a few words or posting a picture or two of the highlights. It's funny, we're leaving for vacation tomorrow, so I've got a ton to do, but I knew that if I didn't get caught up on my blogging that it would probably never get done. So here are a few more random pictures from May...

Fun day at Carter's school was a circus theme this year. The mom's worked hard and I loved the end result. My hats off to preschool teachers, though. Two hours with 80+ kids, in 20 minute rotations and I was exhausted!
Carter and his buddy Kannon

My girl - always marching to her own drummer!

A sunny day at the zoo with our friends, the Pikes and the Partains. It was crazy busy due to our lack of sunshine this spring, I'm sure, but the kids had a great time.

Carter and Brevin on the elephant bike

Eli and Kennedy

Adrian and Carter

Brunch time - we met Care, Alex, Ethan, Kirst, Tim and Lillian for brunch at Tasty n' Sons to celebrate Tim's promotion at work. Delicious food and great company. Think we should do it more often!

celebrating love

We had the pleasure of attending the wedding of our college friend, Shaun and his lovely bride Amber. The wedding was at a beautiful vineyard outside of Salem and was one of the most personal, fun, love filled celebrations we'd ever attended. The couple wrote their own vows and I don't believe there was a dry eye in the crowd. It was lovely. The reception was a blast, as well.

Kyle and I enjoying the view during the cocktail hour.

We were so happy to have Nick and Jordan stay with us before the wedding. They live much too far away, and I wish we could see them more. We had so much fun!

The very happy couple, Shaun and Amber

Cheers to good friends and a good time!

Kyle and Nick


Easter is such a special holiday to me, and I have loved sharing traditions with the kids. Each year, we talk a little more about the real meaning of Easter and what a truly precious gift we have been given. Carter's preschool teacher shared with me that after reading an Easter story to the class, she asked them all a few questions about the true meaning of the cross and the significance of Easter. I was so proud to hear that Carter was the only student who knew every answer - I honestly felt like I was succeeding in my most important job, sharing the love of Christ with my kids.

Finding baskets on Easter morning

Look, Mom!

Hunting for eggs


This is the smile that we get from Kennedy - all the time!

Trying to snap a few pictures before church

Baby Brady in his Easter best


Easter Fun

We had a beautiful, sunny day for our neighborhood's annual Easter egg hunt. They kids had a blast and collected lots of eggs.

Getting ready to head out

silly faces

Dying Easter eggs is something the kids always love to do and Kennedy was able to participate so much more this year. We ended up with a dozen truly unique eggs!

Swimming party

For Carter's birthday celebration with friends, we rented out the pool at the JPC community center and had a sports themed party. It was a great way to have a party - easiest one I've ever done, in fact. Carter was able to invite all of his friends (we had 22 kids!) and had a blast. We may have to do a repeat performance next year.