Monday, March 30, 2009

Future Protester

She may not take issue yet with meat eaters, nuclear energy or people's inability to recycle plastic bags, but my little Kennedy is practicing to be the fiercest protester at the rally. If this is a glimpse of what's to come, I think I should just throw in the towel and call it a day! Her cause du jour happens to be the adamant refusal to take a bottle. Period. And the pediatrician's advice? Don't feed her meals, and if she gets hungry enough she'll eat. Seriously? I may be tough, but I can not willingly starve my baby. She's my baby for crying out loud and seeing as how she's not even nine months old the thought of withholding food seems a bit harsh.

It all started with our desire to introduce formula. I've been nursing steadily but could see that "supplies" were running low. So, being the proactive parents that we are, we figured it best to start supplementing with a little formula before we're bone dry. Good idea in theory, but Kennedy would have NOTHING of it. You'd think I was trying to introduce brussel sprouts, haggis or some other frighteningly awful food, but formula? Babies drink it every day. Carter took to it after 11 1/2 months of nursing without incident. I was totally unprepared for the fight. She'd scream, flail and bat away the bottle all in protest to formula. So, I gave up and decided to limit her formula intake to her rice cereal mixture and try again later. The problem now is that she is so opposed to the formula that she thinks all bottles are laced with the evil powdered stuff. She won't take one at all. Talk about strong willed...wowzers. We've taken a break and put away the bottles for a week in hopes that she'll again take her food from a plastic source. If not, I'm sure there will be a worthwhile cause someday that is thankful for her mad protesting skills.

We should have known - Here's our precious Kennedy at about a month old, screaming in protest to some unforgivable strike against humanity, or perhaps she didn't want to be sitting up, one of the two I'm sure. Watch out world, here she comes!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anyone planning a wedding?

Boy do I wish Jackie were around 7 years ago when I was busy planning my nuptials. Jackie is the sister-in-law of my dear friend, Kirstin, and she decided to start her own wedding planning business after she created a stunning wedding for herself (she married Kirstin's brother last year in Mexico - the event was INCREDIBLE! Check out the slide show on her website) She's amazingly creative and I just love all the ideas and color combinations that she comes up with for weddings. Even though my days of wedding planning are long gone, I love to check out her blog - her color/idea boards would be useful for any party planning purpose. So, if you're in the wedding market or know someone who's about to tie the knot, definitely give her website a glance. You won't be disappointed! Here's the link:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hand me downs

As most people know, I love to shop. Oh how I love to shop...and shopping for my children has only increased my "addiction." However, as much as I love shopping, I have scaled back a bit and have still managed to keep my kids looking cute - thanks in large part to wonderful friends (sales at baby gap and my mother's equally bad shopping habit, too :).
We have been so lucky to be able to share and trade lots of clothes with family and friends. My dear friend, Ali, has passed along several of Emi's darling outfits for Kennedy to use and we've been taking full advantage of her generosity. Here are a few of our favorites:

Ali is expecting a sweet baby boy in May, so I'll be passing along some of Carter's things as well.
My friend Bradi has also been amazing in all the stuff she's passed down...we were lucky there, as she had her daughter a few months before Carter and then had a boy two months before Kennedy, so we've been able to do some reciprocal swapping! And just a few weeks ago my neighbor, Trisha, had bins and bins of her daughter's clothes for me to look through and use. It was like Christmas! I just can't express my gratitude enough for every one's generosity. Kids grow so fast, and it's so wonderful to be able to share all this baby gear.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Littlest Super Hero

Carter and I had a great time playing super heroes this morning while Kennedy napped. He was having such a wonderful time and I loved witnessing his dramatic streak while his imagination was running. He can be such a crack up...I love my boy!

He is all boy at times - big, loud noises, rough and tumble, zooming here and there.

Caught in the action!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

6 Years

On this day six years ago, Kyle and I were married and enjoyed a wonderful wedding. And last night we celebrated this special day with a fun dinner out at McCormick & Schmicks downtown. It was great to enjoy each other's company and treat ourselves to a deliciously fancy dinner. As we ate, we were marveling at the quiet and relaxing atmosphere. We had no toddler climbing over the back of the booth, no baby throwing her spoon or dropping her cup, we didn't have to flag down the waiter once to clean up spilled milk...heaven! It was the most enjoyable meal we've had in months! We actually enjoyed a leisurely drink, finished multiple conversations and lingered over dessert. It was a very special evening.
Happy Anniversary, Kyle. I love you and all that you are to our family. We are blessed.

Sadly we didn't get a picture together, but here is one of my handsome hubby with our wonderfully decadent (and free!) chocolate cake.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We love Nana

Nana and her infinite helping hands arrived on Saturday...thank goodness! Kyle and I were both feeling a little worn down and are now relishing in the extra hour(s) of sleep, an extra person to read books and change diapers and just another set of hands to help out. I know the words are small, but thank you, Mom. We can't say it enough, we appreciate all that you do for us!

Carter could not be more thrilled to have his Nana here for the week - he welcomed her with the biggest hug, numerous "I missed you, Nana"-s and just general sweetness. It took Kennedy a few days to warm up, although she was out of sorts with other things as well, but by yesterday she was definitely Nana's girl. I wish that we could be doing more exciting things, but with day light savings throwing off our schedule and Kennedy's morning naps we've been sticking close to home. Perhaps we'll venture out tomorrow...

This picture was taken Saturday night, just a few hours after Nana arrived in Portland. Carter could not get enough of her. It was so sweet. It was all love, hugs and "I missed you, Nana"-s.

Not only do I love the help during the day, but I love my mom's company even more. Last night we escaped to Target of all places but really had a good time. It was so fun to shop around leisurely, throw ideas back and forth and spend time catching up without interruption. It was the highlight of my week so far!
Thank goodness for Arizona's early spring break!