Wednesday, February 27, 2013

our tiny dancer

Kennedy began a dance class a few weeks back and loves it!  It is a combination of tap and ballet and she has two sweet friends taking it with her.  The class will go through the end of the school year and will culminate with a big recital at the end of June.  Kennedy is so excited for the "big show"!  I do believe she is most excited to wear the fancy costume, it's pink and sparkly after all, but I think she will really enjoy these few months of class too.
Every couple of months parents are allowed to observe class and take pictures.  We were lucky to be able to watch her second class.  It was pure entertainment...what Kennedy lacks in talent she more than makes up in enthusiasm!

pure sweetness
I am a sucker for pink bows and tulle on little ones

ballet time

Getting a little help from Miss Amanda, her teacher
Many of the girls have been in the class all year, so it was nice that Kennedy got a little hands on help.

hop, hop, hopping

does it get any cuter than a sweet little girl in a pink tutu?



we adore our little ballerina and are thrilled that she has found another activity that she loves
it will be a lot of fun to see how she progresses over the next several months

all you need is love

I just couldn't resist taking a few photos of Kennedy before we headed off to church...she was dressed up for Valentine's Day (wearing a darling dress that was given to us by a sweet friend who has three daughters - it had a crinoline underskirt, so Kennedy was thrilled to twirl and dance!) and was in a cooperative mood, so I seized the moment!

she's looking so grown up these days ~ I can't help but shudder when I think that she'll be turning 5.  5!  in just a few months.

i love you with every once of my heart, sweet girl!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays!

Between Valentine's Day, birthdays of friends and Kyle's birthday, February is a special month full of celebrations.  
I love birthdays and I love the chance to celebrate in a special way.
First up was Estella's 7th birthday party
It was a tea party theme and there were a lot of little girls at the party.  We watch Estella in the mornings before school and it was very sweet of her to include Kennedy in her celebration.
Since it was a girls only party, our family went back over that night and enjoyed pizza and a movie so that Carter (and a couple neighbor boys) could help her celebrate, too.

Happy Birthday, Estella!

Next up was Jeff's birthday ~ they had gone up to the mountain that Sunday but rushed home in order to watch the Super Bowl.  Since Jeff and Kyle's birthdays are just a few days apart, we had the Borrevik's over for pizza, football and birthday cake.  It was a fun way to celebrate the guys.
Happy birthday, old man!

Estella's actual birthday happens to be the 6th, as well, so it worked out to have a special birthday breakfast for her and Kyle.  Cinnamon rolls and fruit!

Unfortunately, Costco doesn't always carry Cinnabon (who knew?!?), so we had to make do with QFC cinnamon rolls.  Had I been more on top of things, I would have attempted to make my own.  
Maybe next year.
Kyle's birthday was a little anti-climatic this year and I kind of felt bad about it.  Not only was it on a Wednesday, smack dab in the middle of the week, but Kennedy had ballet that evening and there just wasn't a lot of time to do much.
I got him a new driver, which he was trilled about and we did get Thai food for dinner but otherwise it was just another day.  We had a nice celebration with his parents on Sunday, so that kind of made up for it.  
Happy birthday, Kyle, I love you!

Kaitlin is 5!
Kaitlin also shares Kyle's birthday, but her party was the weekend after.
We celebrated with a beautiful, whimsical tea party at her house. 
Kennedy was very excited to dress up and play with her friends.
It was such a great party, each and every detail was perfect, and I enjoyed the time with my friends, too.

A Zeamer birthday wouldn't be complete without Kathy's darling (and delicious!) sugar cookies!

The table was so lovely, such a fun and fancy party for the girls

Painting nails...

and getting fancy!
Kathy had necklaces, bracelets, rings, ear rings, crowns and boas for the girls ~ such fun!

Birthday guests all fancied up ~
Audrey, Gracie, Grace, Claire, Hannah
Grace, Kaitlin, Kennedy and Claire

Beautiful birthday girl and her very talented mama
I always love to see what Kathy will come up with for the kids' parties.  She is so very gifted and creative and everything always looks wonderful!
Kaitlin was so happy!!!

lots and lots of treats ~ Katie definitely has a sweet tooth!

the princess enjoying a spot of tea (strawberry hot chocolate)

make a wish!
We had to light the candles twice and have Kaitlin blow them out again because Kathy's camera stopped working.  It was so funny to see Kaitlin a little confused at first, but then excited that she got to do it twice!

me and my best girl!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Ash Wednesday ~ Lent 2013

I can easily say that our Ash Wednesday service at church was one of most meaningful hours I've had in a very long time.  I love this service.  I love Lent.  I love the meaning behind this season...the beautiful promise, the brutal events and the assurance that we are forgiven in Christ. 

Our Ash Wednesday service is casual, calm, peaceful and very family friendly.  On this night, in particular, I needed this time at church.  (It had been a crazy, hectic day - rushing from school, to play dates, to ballet, squeezing dinner in as we sped down the highway on our way to church.  But almost instantaneously after arriving, I felt at peace.)  I sat in a pew, surrounded by children and dear friends and felt immensely blessed.  Blessed to be able to share this truth with my kids, blessed to be supported and loved by an amazing church family and above all blessed with the love of God and the sacrifice that He made for us all.  For me.  I am certainly not worthy, but I am so thankful. 

We sang beautiful songs (and hearing my littles sing with their hearts was a gift!), prayed, reflected and were reminded of our Father's forgiveness.  Of course, what would a church service with children be without a few funny moments...Kennedy has no filter, although what four year old does?  She also has no volume control on that sweet voice of hers.  Several times throughout the forty minutes, she'd loudly make a statement, very matter-of-factly, I might add. 
"Mama, this is boring"
"That was a long song"
"That's a funny story"
"This is a long story"
"Mama, I love you."
My dear friend, Kathy, and I would just peer over little heads and smile.  It really did warm my heart to have Carter and Kennedy worship with me.  It made me wish that we did it more often (they attend Sunday school while Kyle and I are in worship).

Carter was sitting with two of his buddies, so of course there was a little silliness...but there was also a bowed head and heartfelt singing.  He was worshiping.

Both children received ashes on their foreheads and did wonderfully walking up to the front of the sanctuary and showing reverence and respect.
Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return

We had to make a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home (a third kind of cough medicine was in order since Miss K adamantly refused the first two!)  At first I was a little self conscience of the ashes on my head, but as I stopped for a moment and thought about its significance, I was proud.  Proud to be able to display my faith so publicly.  It's rare that we are given such an easy opportunity to proclaim our trust in Christ.
It was the perfect way to start this blessed season of Lent.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pajama Day

I do so love how little events can mean so much to kids. 
Pajama day at preschool was such a big deal to Kennedy...she was so excited!  She had picked out new, pink, bunny slippers earlier in the month, so of course she needed new jammies to match her new slippers.  She was pumped!

Starting her day with table time ~
a little worksheet to practice letter recognition and writing

sweet friends
Kennedy just loves Lyla
The mommies prepared a special snack for PJ day - cinnamon french toast sticks and little sausages.
Kennedy had asked me to stay and help, so I served snack and spent the morning in her classroom.
I love watching her in this environment.  She's so comfortable and confident and really seems to love being at school.
It makes my heart happy.

Gumball class
Chase, Blake, Emily, Keiran, Delaynee
Cohen, Madalyn, Miss Tricia, Lyla and Kennedy

And what's a morning at school without a little horsing around?

It was a fun morning!  Thanks for sharing pajama day with me, sweet Kennedy!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

our "snowblaster"

Carter Man began a months worth of ski lessons at the beginning of January.  He and Kyle have gone up every Sunday with our friends, Jeff and Lena.  Meadows has a great kids program called Snowblasters ~ same groups and instructors for the month provides consistency for the kids.  Carter was in a green group and his instructor was a young guy named Kelby.  Carter thought he was pretty cool.
Carter and Lena getting ready to start their first day of Snowblasters.
Lena has been doing Snowblasters for several years and is a great little skier - attempting black diamonds at the age of 9 is pretty awesome!

Carter started out on the magic carpet, refreshing the skills that he had learned last year.

Oh I love my little skier!

First time on the chair lift
I love this face - equal parts excitement and terror!
Kyle often spent a part of the afternoons with Carter's group, helping out the instructor.  It's a rule that kids under 7 have to ride up the chair with an adult, so extra bodies are helpful. 

Sunday #2 was more like spring skiing
There was an inversion, so it was hotter up on the mountain than it was in the city.  I think it got up to 50 degrees!  It doesn't make for great snow, but it's so much fun!  Such a gorgeous day!

Working on his wedge on Buttercup

It was so nice, he didn't even need a coat.

On the third Sunday, I got to join Kyle and Carter up at the mountain (thanks Grandma and Papa for having a fun sleep over with Kennedy!).  It was so much fun!  I loved getting back on the slopes and watching Carter ski down the mountain filled my heart with pride.  Skiing is something that I grew up loving, so to be able to see Carter love it, too, is awesome!
He's improving so much and really seems to enjoy it. 
He has already asked for skis for Christmas and wants to do the Snowblaster program again next year.

My friend Sheri decided to learn to ski this year too.  Since both of her girls enjoy it, she figured it would be a fun activity to do as a family.  I was so proud of her and she did great!  It's wasn't the greatest day, condition wise, but she stayed warm and had fun.  I can see many weekends up at the mountain together as all of the kids get into it.  (Kennedy gets to start next year)

I am so proud of you, Carter! I love that you're excited about skiing and working hard to get better.  Each evening when the boys would get home, Carter would tell me all about his day - talking at a rapid pace and giving me all the little details.  It was so fun to see his enthusiasm.  He learned to "jump" a little, was working on getting out of his wedge and making big turns, could get on and off the chair lift with no problems and even did a little trail run through the trees on his last day.  Daddy took him up the face and took him on a blue (intermediate) run - he had a nasty fall and cried a little but it didn't deter him from trying again.  He's like his mama and just barrels straight down the mountain. 
It's amazing how far he's come in four weeks time.  I'm bursting with pride, sweet pea!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Brady!

Brady is 2!
It's hard to believe but our little nephew turned two a few weeks ago.
We were able to help him celebrate at his cute construction themed party.

I am always so proud of Carter and how gently he treats his cousins.  It's very sweet.
I love how Brady is eyeing the food ~ he was so funny to watch as he attacked the bowl of hummus!

Brady opened presents in shifts, a few here a few there.
He got several new trains to add to his train table.

Happy Birthday to you...

A much better reaction than last year!
He was calm and sweet and then dove into his cupcake, yummy!

Brady is such a mellow little guy, although the "2s" are visible every now and again.  He loves his cousins and loves to play.  His favorites are trains, diggers and Curious George.  He's so sweet and is growing and getting so big. 
We love you very much, Brady!  Happy Birthday, buddy!