Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Brady!

Brady is 2!
It's hard to believe but our little nephew turned two a few weeks ago.
We were able to help him celebrate at his cute construction themed party.

I am always so proud of Carter and how gently he treats his cousins.  It's very sweet.
I love how Brady is eyeing the food ~ he was so funny to watch as he attacked the bowl of hummus!

Brady opened presents in shifts, a few here a few there.
He got several new trains to add to his train table.

Happy Birthday to you...

A much better reaction than last year!
He was calm and sweet and then dove into his cupcake, yummy!

Brady is such a mellow little guy, although the "2s" are visible every now and again.  He loves his cousins and loves to play.  His favorites are trains, diggers and Curious George.  He's so sweet and is growing and getting so big. 
We love you very much, Brady!  Happy Birthday, buddy!

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