Wednesday, February 27, 2013

our tiny dancer

Kennedy began a dance class a few weeks back and loves it!  It is a combination of tap and ballet and she has two sweet friends taking it with her.  The class will go through the end of the school year and will culminate with a big recital at the end of June.  Kennedy is so excited for the "big show"!  I do believe she is most excited to wear the fancy costume, it's pink and sparkly after all, but I think she will really enjoy these few months of class too.
Every couple of months parents are allowed to observe class and take pictures.  We were lucky to be able to watch her second class.  It was pure entertainment...what Kennedy lacks in talent she more than makes up in enthusiasm!

pure sweetness
I am a sucker for pink bows and tulle on little ones

ballet time

Getting a little help from Miss Amanda, her teacher
Many of the girls have been in the class all year, so it was nice that Kennedy got a little hands on help.

hop, hop, hopping

does it get any cuter than a sweet little girl in a pink tutu?



we adore our little ballerina and are thrilled that she has found another activity that she loves
it will be a lot of fun to see how she progresses over the next several months

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