Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boo Bash ~ 2012

It's a tradition of ours to head into downtown Camas and attend the Boo Bash each year.  I thought I was going to get out of it (as fighting crowds and trying desperately not to loose a child isn't super fun for me :) due to rain, but as 3:00 approached, the rain stopped and the kids were pumped to don their costumes and get a few treats.
Besides struggling to find a parking space, we had a lot of fun.  Thankfully Carter and Kennedy don't love to stand in long lines, either, so we hit one side of the street, got our ice cream from DQ, visited the fire station and then called it a day.  A fun little tradition continues...
Cinderella and Harry Potter

my little wizard and petite princess

Our first stop on a side street - no crowds = no waiting.  

humoring me with a few pictures as we waited in line

At the fire station

such a cute little downtown street
Camas really reminds me of McMinnville, so I love going downtown for things like this.  The leaves were gorgeous and the street was so perfectly fall-ish.

Harry, boy wizard
(we'll dye his hair for Halloween!)

enjoying a few treats

the highlight of the Boo Bash - mini ice cream cones at Dairy Queen

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Preschool Field Trip ~ Pumpkin Patch

Bi-Zi Farms

Kennedy had her first field trip last week - a visit to the pumpkin patch.  We lucked out and had great fall weather ~ crisp and cool but sunny ~ it was fabulous!
I am so grateful that I can attend fun activities like these with the kids.  I realize that not every parent has that luxury, and I am thankful.  Kennedy was very excited for her trip and was thrilled that I was able to go with her.  We had two little friends in our car, so that kind of added to the excitement of the experience.

Lots of farm animals to see
I am not a huge fan of petting zoos.  They just seem dirty.  BUT, the kids seem to love them, so I endure the smell and dirt and try to ignore the issues of hygiene.  There were a couple of cute, playful little pigs that were fun to watch and a tiny baby goat that was awfully cute.  Thankfully there were big sinks to wash up once we were done. 

Time to climb the hay pyramid ~ and she's off!
Can I just tell you again how very much I love that little crinkled nose smile?  My cute little one, oh how I love you!

Gumball Class ~ 2012

Kennedy had a ton of fun playing and exploring with her friends...

and then we were off!  We loaded onto the tractor and enjoyed a quick ride up the hill to the pumpkin patch.  Kennedy and Lyla were joined at the hip, as usual.  Such a sweet little friendship they have.

Hunting for the perfect pumpkin
The pumpkins had to be small enough for the kids to carry on their own.  I broke the rules and helped Kennedy carry hers after awhile.  She would have been hard pressed to find one small enough to carry the whole time.

Lyla and Kennedy

Kennedy has the sweetest, kindest, most loving teacher this year - we just adore her!
We were thrilled to learn that Miss Tricia was coming back to Circle of Friends this year and we lucked out in getting into her class.  She is wonderful, warm and welcoming and Kennedy loves her!

Friday, October 26, 2012

a little bit of life

Life has a way of getting too busy at times...I know everyone can relate, this isn't anything new, but it is our crazy life, none the less.
I had a few random pictures on my camera this month, no real home for them to go, not worthy of their own post ~ just little bits of our life.  Here's my attempt at playing catch up (at least with this part of my life)

The kids still take baths together at night - mostly because it's easier and quicker this way.  But Kyle and I were talking and we think this phase of our life will be ending shortly. 
Bubbles always make bath time more fun!
Not the greatest piccture but just a way of documenting this change in our routine.

It's starting to look (and feel - brr!) a lot like fall around here.

Our first attempt at visiting the pumpkin patch lead to disappointment.  It wasn't open on Sundays yet, so we went with plan B, ice cream!  All of our spirits were lifted with a yummy treat from Baskin Robbins.

Kennedy missed picture day at school while we were in Disneyland.  I was pretty bummed about it, actually I still am...I'm just sad that she won't have a cute class picture to commemerate her last year at Circle of Friends.  Oh well.  Thankfully they have retakes, so we dressed up, curled hair and smiled pretty for picture day.

(Her pictures turned out beautifully!)
A real smile, not this fakey one that you see here.

My little helper
Someone really likes to bake with Mama in the kitchen

Making cornbread muffins
We provided a meal for friends who are greiving the loss of their father and Kennedy helped with all the preparations.

After church one Sunday the kids received their Halloween treat bags ~ I like to put together little gifts to help celebrate special holidays. 

Both were very interested in what the other pajamas, princess shoes for dress up, a little Ninajo Lego set and a few Halloween themed treats.

festive pajamas are always warming received ~ it's the little things
Kennedy's sweet friend from school, Lyla, came over for a play date.  The girls had a wonderful time playing with dolls, dressing up and coloring.  Lyla's mom is so kind and fun, so I really enjoyed our play date too.

Cookies with friends

Instead of carving, Kennedy really wanted to paint her pumpkin this year.
A great activity for a cold afternoon.

She was very proud of herself and her colorful pumpkin

It was my day to bring snack for Kennedy's class, so I made some blueberry muffins and added some cute Halloween decorations.
Found this simple and festive idea on Pinterest ~ Kennedy said the kids loved them!

Trying very hard not to smile for me - typical.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

{pumpkin patch ~ 2012}

We had the most beautiful, sunny fall day to visit the pumpkin patch this year.
(We had tried to go the weekend before, but because it was early in the season the patch wasn't open on Sundays yet.  We tried again on Wednesday afternoon and had a great time!)

Not above a bit of bribery, I told the kids that they could choose treats if they happily posed for a few pictures.  They did great ~ and each got a cookie and some yummy fudge!

I love fall!

what would a photo shoot be without some silly faces?
we were just killing a little time while Carter ran to the bathroom

This picture is so Kennedy ~ she's quite the ham when she wants to be.
oh, how I love her


willing participants for some more pictures

my loves
I sometimes find it weird that my kids look nothing like me...if I hadn't been there, I might question it a bit more :)

a great family shot

We ran into Carter's buddy from school and had a nice visit with his family.
The boys ran all around and had a wonderful time.  We went searching for our pumpkins with pinker cheeks!

getting a lift from daddy

How did he get so big?  he just won't stop growing...and there are times I'm am nearly desperate to halt it all together.  Carter's so much fun at this age, but as I hold him at night or snuggle on the couch, I realize he's not quite fitting on my lap any more. 

We still have this little monkey who loves being silly ~ that pumpkin was heavy!

such a handsome boy

We've got our loot ~ the kids picked the biggest pumpkins that they could find this year.  Good thing Daddy was with us, because I would have been hard pressed to lift them at all!  I think we ended up with nearly 50 pounds of pumpkins, quite a haul!

Enjoying a yummy apple on the hay ride

Going to the pumpkin patch is such a simple, fun tradition and I just love it.  The kids had a wonderful time and we all enjoyed our time together as a family.