Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Disneyland ~ Day 4

Day 4
(I was on such a role getting caught up but was derailed by the stomach flu...and life.  And then when I tried to post, Google said I was out of room.  Anyone else experience that?  I ended up buying more storage for a small monthly fee but am wondering if there is anything else I can do?)
We had a Magic Morning pass on our fourth day, so we were able to get into the parks one hour before they opened to the general public.  But there were still a ton of lines, so we waited for a bit before the gates actually opened.  It was fun, though, because everyone counted down as the clock struck 9:00.

And this is how we were welcomed ~ dressed up for fall!

Main Street USA

Sometimes I can't help but marvel at her cuteness.
She looks so sweet here, as well.  I think I'll hang on to this one when I need a little reminder of just how sweet she can be.

I hope they want to hold hands forever...
I pray that they forge a close bond as siblings and develop a strong friendship, as well.  At this point, it's often a love-hate type of relationship, but we do our best to foster their love for one another.

We rushed off to do the Nemo submarine ride first.  We had gone on Sunday night, and the kids loved it, so they wanted to go again.  No line - it was great!

 Then we headed back to Fantasyland to try to hit a few rides we had missed the day before -
first up, Dumbo!
Kennedy chose a purple one (of course)

Nana and Carter got green!

a simple, but magical ride
I loved the vantage point from up above

Kyle was down below trying to snap a few pictures!

Good thing Nana was with us to ride the tea cups!

 I waited in line at Pixie Hollow, while everyone else headed towards the Autotopia. 
Tinkerbell arrived at 11:00, so we had some time to wait.
Our little drivers

Kennedy in Pixie Hollow

Tinkerbell's sister, Periwinkle was there, as well

Dressed up for winter, Pixie Hollow was all frosted over!

Back in Fantasyland, Carter discovered the Knight's shop
He was enthralled with all of the swords and daggers.
"they're real, Mom!"
He was very disappointed that we wouldn't buy him a real sword - seemed like a great gift idea to him!

Trying yet again to get a good family picture

As we were heading over to California Adventure, we ran into Donald Duck
He had just arrived, so there was no line and we walked right up and got a quick picture (and autograph, of course!)

Mickey was putting on a little show with the Newsboys as we arrived at California Adventure

We had a special afternoon planned with a princess lunch for the girls, the Pixar parade and then The World of Color show that night.  It was fun to be back in California Adventure and explore it a bit more.  We went to the Aladdin show (which was wonderful!) and tried out the Tower of Terror (such a fantastic ride the first time!  We were laughing so hard and my heart was just about pounding out of my chest.  Kennedy loved it, Carter didn't like the spookiness of it but enjoyed the actual ride.  Kyle, Mom and I loved it, too)

My boy is getting so big. 

Daddy and Kennedy were out to get us!

We ran into Flik...

And then enjoyed his show!

a little rest with some frozen lemonade as we waited for the parade to start.  I wasn't quite sure what the kids would think of the parade (and having to sit and wait for it to start), but they loved it!

Sully in the Pixar Play Parade

Waiting for The World of Color show to begin
(We met a wonderful, older couple from England and enjoyed a great conversation as we waited.  It made the hour fly by!  I love meeting people and hearing their stories.  These two had been married for 50+ years and had made over twenty trips to the US.  They had seen more of our country than I had and it was so fun to listen to their stories.  They were delightful)

Each got a special light up toy for the show, which was incredible.  I loved it!  Kennedy fell asleep about five minutes before it began and slept the entire time.  Carter liked it until the end when there was fire shooting up (which was hot) and somewhat scarier graphics.  It really was an incredible show - the music and affects were spectacular!


  1. I smiled all the way through this post! What a fantastic day! And what a marvelous trip...seeing the pictures just takes me back. Hope going back through them has been fun for you. (My boys LOVED that knight shop as well and also thought a sword would be great. Not sure when a weapon became a great souvenir idea!) Loving your photos & happy memories! And I agree, that photo of Kennedy is precious. She IS a sweet girl. With great strength! :)

  2. I never did figure out how to get more space without paying. To get around it I created a new blog (the one I've had for almost two years so will probably run out of space again soon too) - but had to have a new user name too. Let me know if you figure anything out because I don't want to pay or have to start a new blog to get around it! Lot your pictures!!!