Saturday, October 20, 2012

Birthday Fun!

September and October have been busy months for us...I feel like it's going to stay busy right on through the holidays, too.  There are times when it all feels like too much, racing from place to place or mentally checking tasks off my "to-do" list, but then we have the chance to do fun things like celebrate birthdays with special friends and I know that these are the bits of life that should be celebrated to the fullest!

First up was Lillian's 3rd birthday - It was a cute Pinkalicious party and the kids had a lot of fun.  Poor Kirstin had food poisoning and a broken oven (in a brand new house, no less) but still managed to throw a great party.  The kids had a wonderful time!
Lilly looked so cute, all dolled up in pink

The kids got to string beads to make necklaces - Kennedy was concentrating hard on making hers looks perfect!

Carter and Max

At one point during the party, several of the girls had climbed on and around Kyle to listen to an enthusiastic reading of Pinkalicious ~ pure sweetness!

We had a sunny (albeit very windy) fall morning to help celebrate Samuel's 7th birthday.  Zack and Rachel planned a cute Olympic themed party and all of the boys got to compete in events, play at the park and enjoy yummy treats.

Happy Birthday, Samuel!

Carter and his rock ~ he drew a flag with some of his favorite colors
(he had a soccer game immediately after the party, so we were thankful for the "athletic" theme)
Each boy decorated a big rock - they were weighted by ages so no on had an ad/disadvantage in the games.
They competed in a rock throw, a rock roll, the javelin and finally a race where they carried their rocks.  Carter's was over 10 pounds, so it wasn't easy to handle.  He got a bit bummed that he wasn't performing well, but we had a long talk about it after and it was a good reminder that the most important part is to have fun ~ which he most certainly did!

Zack, Rachel and Samuel
The Grices have become very dear friends and we are so thankful for their presence in our lives.  Their kids are so much fun and they always bring a thoughtful perspective to things.
Thanks for including us in this fun celebration!

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  1. We are always happy to include you in our fun/chaos!! Thanks for your kind words!