Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 4 ~ Ariel's Grotto ~ a Princess lunch

Day 4
A Princess lunch for the girls ~ Ariel's Grotto
I knew when we booked our trip that this was something special I would love to do with Kennedy.  She was at the absolute perfect age to enjoy lunch with the princesses.  She's slightly princess obsessed, and she was so excited to wear her dress and dine with royalty!
as pretty as a princess

She was so excited!

Kennedy and Nana

Waiting to descend the royal staircase and be seated for our lunch
I loved her little gloves and loved how she so proudly wore her tiara.  She was relishing every minute of this little adventure.

watching and waiting for her turn
(I wish I would have had time to curl her hair - this was another moment when I wished that we had stayed at a Disneyland property.  It would have been easier to head back to our room to freshen up.  Instead we just changed Kennedy outside of the restaurant and put her hair up as best we could)

finally the time came to meet her favorite - Ariel!

She was thrilled to see Cinderella again

and Snow White 
(I loved that we had to chance to see four more princesses!)

A funny story, Mulan was complimenting Kennedy on her beautiful dress and asked if Cinderella was her favorite princess.  Kennedy said, "no.  I love Ariel."  Mulan just chuckled and said, "I hope you didn't tell her that."  It was cute.
Again, I was so thankful that the princesses were so sweet and thoughtful.  They were just so tender and attentive to Kennedy.

And then there was...
And we had a lot to say...a lot!
Being the fourth princess to come by our table, Kennedy was pretty comfortable by this point.  And it was as if she had been saving up all of her words...she started talking and just would. not. stop.  It was hilarious!
She was so intent and serious and really had very important things to tell Belle.

She told Belle all about Carter and how he doesn't like princesses.  He was riding a roller coaster...

but he loves Harry Potter, and he's reading the 5th book.  "but we can't watch the movies, because they are too scary.  Well, I can watch Harry Potter 1, 2 and 3 but no more.  Carter can watch Harry Potter 4 when he is seven, but he is only six..."  And on and on and on.

and...there was more.
sweet Belle, whom I have always thought was one of the very best princesses - she loves to read, after all - so graciously indulged Kennedy.
Oh, how I wish I would have had a video camera or would have thought to switch on to the recording mode.  It was priceless.

BFFs by this point

Mama had to get a quick picture, too.

Princess Kennedy didn't have much of an appetite during our trip, but she nibbled on few things.
The food was surprisingly good and it was a lovely presentation.

We were treated to a water show while we finished up our lunch...I love capturing times of joy like this.  Kennedy and Nana were thrilled to be watching the show together.

A very special girls only lunch!

Daddy and his princess

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