Thursday, October 18, 2012

A visit with the Simons

The Simons came to visit in September, and it worked out that they were here for a wedding during Bennett's 4th birthday.  This was the first birthday we've celebrated with B, so it was extra special for all of us.  We wish so much that they lived closer, because we always have so much fun when we're together.
Uncle Justin and Auntie Stacy came over to visit straight from the airport.  They indulged the kids with a tea party - water and gold fish, we do it high class around here

cousins having fun with the wagon

B loves his uncle
Kyle is so great with kids, they all love him.  It's a gift and I love to see it!

Oh, sweet Sloane
She is a doll, such a fun personality and is non-stop motion.
We loved getting to spend time with her ~ she is growing and changing so fast!

time for presents

Bennett's new stomp rocket was a huge hit with the kiddos.
They had so much fun!

Carter and B
Bennett really loves Carter and is content doing whatever Carter is doing.  It really is so cute to watch and I'm (usually) proud of Carter for how sweet he is to Bennett.
They are good buds

Now these two on the other hand have more of a love/hate relationship. 
They did really great this trip, so maybe we are turning a corner and we'll see more love!
B chose ice cream pies for his birthday treat and enjoyed it as we all sang "happy birthday"
Happy 4th Birthday, Bennett!
We love you, buddy!

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