Friday, October 26, 2012

a little bit of life

Life has a way of getting too busy at times...I know everyone can relate, this isn't anything new, but it is our crazy life, none the less.
I had a few random pictures on my camera this month, no real home for them to go, not worthy of their own post ~ just little bits of our life.  Here's my attempt at playing catch up (at least with this part of my life)

The kids still take baths together at night - mostly because it's easier and quicker this way.  But Kyle and I were talking and we think this phase of our life will be ending shortly. 
Bubbles always make bath time more fun!
Not the greatest piccture but just a way of documenting this change in our routine.

It's starting to look (and feel - brr!) a lot like fall around here.

Our first attempt at visiting the pumpkin patch lead to disappointment.  It wasn't open on Sundays yet, so we went with plan B, ice cream!  All of our spirits were lifted with a yummy treat from Baskin Robbins.

Kennedy missed picture day at school while we were in Disneyland.  I was pretty bummed about it, actually I still am...I'm just sad that she won't have a cute class picture to commemerate her last year at Circle of Friends.  Oh well.  Thankfully they have retakes, so we dressed up, curled hair and smiled pretty for picture day.

(Her pictures turned out beautifully!)
A real smile, not this fakey one that you see here.

My little helper
Someone really likes to bake with Mama in the kitchen

Making cornbread muffins
We provided a meal for friends who are greiving the loss of their father and Kennedy helped with all the preparations.

After church one Sunday the kids received their Halloween treat bags ~ I like to put together little gifts to help celebrate special holidays. 

Both were very interested in what the other pajamas, princess shoes for dress up, a little Ninajo Lego set and a few Halloween themed treats.

festive pajamas are always warming received ~ it's the little things
Kennedy's sweet friend from school, Lyla, came over for a play date.  The girls had a wonderful time playing with dolls, dressing up and coloring.  Lyla's mom is so kind and fun, so I really enjoyed our play date too.

Cookies with friends

Instead of carving, Kennedy really wanted to paint her pumpkin this year.
A great activity for a cold afternoon.

She was very proud of herself and her colorful pumpkin

It was my day to bring snack for Kennedy's class, so I made some blueberry muffins and added some cute Halloween decorations.
Found this simple and festive idea on Pinterest ~ Kennedy said the kids loved them!

Trying very hard not to smile for me - typical.

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