Monday, March 29, 2010

A visit from Nana

Nana spent yet another break from school up in the northwest. She was only here for five days this time, but we sure managed to squeeze a lot of fun activities into a very short time. To start off our weekend, we attended Adrian's 4th birthday at Mt. Scott community center. It was a swimming party and both Carter and Kennedy had a wonderful time. There was a slide and a lazy river and fun pool toys to play with, and the water was super warm - it was fantastic.

Our little fish. Can you tell that Carter is trying with all his might to avoid getting his face wet? He's getting better and better in the water but is still quite apprehensive about putting his head under. Kennedy, on the other hand, is fearless and will dive right in! I think Kyle is trying to hold her back at this point.

Big giant kick boards were a hit!

Next stop, Big Al's for bowling and arcade games. Carter really loves to bowl on the Wii, so every time we drive past our local bowling alley he asks to go. We've gone a few times and each time he gets a little better. I love that there are bumpers and ball ramps - makes the whole experience much more enjoyable for him.

The football game! Carter had been talking about this game since we went months ago. I told him it was something that he'd have to do with Daddy - well, I think Daddy may have had as much fun as Carter!

On to the basketball game

Kennedy's no dummy, she knows where money's at...Nana's wallet!

We had a little pre-Easter celebration while Nana was here, as well. The kids got Easter baskets and we dyed eggs. It was a lot of fun and the eggs turned out great.

Andrew was over playing, so he got to join in on the fun. The Kraljs have moved back to this side of the river, so once again the boys can play. It's been great!

Kennedy got into the egg dying, as well. Never one to be left out, she wanted to do everything that the boys were doing.

How sweet does he look?

On Nana's last day, we went to Kids Club. We'd never been there before and the kids loved it. They were climbing, sliding, running and just having a ball. Both Nana and I were tired and sore once playtime was over, though.

Who's having fun?

Whoa! It took Carter a few minutes to warm up, but once he did he was off. He made a few friends and ran around like crazy for 2+ hours.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


With a name like Phelan, I know the kids have a little Irish running through their veins. As St. Patrick's Day approached, Carter was fascinated by the prospect of leprechauns paying our house a visit, and he was intensely questioning me on all aspects of their magic. He was more than thrilled to find a green glitter trail in the kitchen that lead to some gold, some over turned chairs, misplaced toys and his milk turned green. It was really fun to spread some magic on this lucky day!
Lucky to have...
two healthy kids
a nice house to call our home
a loving and forgiving God
a faithful and hardworking husband
wonderful friends
a supportive and generous family

Here was the best shot I could get of the kids. Johnny, our neighbor and good buddy, was over for a morning play date - he seemed much more cooperative to the camera than my own children!
Yelling. Typical.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Donuts with Dad

Earlier this month Carter had a very special day at school...Donuts with Dad! It was so great to bring Daddy along to class and Carter was so excited. The class sang two cute songs to their dads, they made each other ties and then got to enjoy a yummy donut together. It was so cute to see Carter so thrilled to share his school day with his dad. The next week, Carter brought home this cute little frame and picture for Daddy. Sorry for the scan job, but you get the idea.

Here they are, all dressed up and ready to head off to school!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

As Kennedy fought off one illness after the other over the course of several weeks, she took to falling asleep in random places. Her sleeping in her crib might not seem so out of the ordinary, but take notice of the books and Carter's underwear in this picture. I think I snapped this picture around 10:00am after a full morning of play and dress-up. Big Brother's underpants are the coolest :) She's been done with morning naps for months but was feeling so under the weather that she just conked out mid morning. I had put her in her bed because she was super fussy and wanted her dang binkie (a whole different issue that we're working on), after just a few minutes she was fast asleep...

Then a few days later mid-lunch...I had left the table to do some of the dishes and after a minute or two, I realized that Kennedy was very quiet. I asked Carter if she was okay and yep, "she's just sleeping, Mom." Oh. Needless to say it was a rough few weeks with double ear infections, two rounds of antibiotics, a cold and just plain feeling yucky. Poor girl - thankfully, all are healthy now!