Saturday, March 27, 2010


With a name like Phelan, I know the kids have a little Irish running through their veins. As St. Patrick's Day approached, Carter was fascinated by the prospect of leprechauns paying our house a visit, and he was intensely questioning me on all aspects of their magic. He was more than thrilled to find a green glitter trail in the kitchen that lead to some gold, some over turned chairs, misplaced toys and his milk turned green. It was really fun to spread some magic on this lucky day!
Lucky to have...
two healthy kids
a nice house to call our home
a loving and forgiving God
a faithful and hardworking husband
wonderful friends
a supportive and generous family

Here was the best shot I could get of the kids. Johnny, our neighbor and good buddy, was over for a morning play date - he seemed much more cooperative to the camera than my own children!
Yelling. Typical.

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