Friday, September 25, 2009

rub-a-dub-dub, three kids in a tub!

We were lucky enough to have Stacy and Bennett with us for the night. They are here for a week (we'll be celebrating Bennett's big 1st birthday on Sunday!) and they stayed with us their first night. After a good dinner and a little time outside for Carter to show off his mad bike riding skills, it was off to the bath. The boys splashed and splashed and Kennedy just watched the chaos. Classic. It was so much fun to watch the kids really play together - they're all growing so fast!
Bath time fun

Bennett and Kennedy going cruising in their pjs

Kinda fighting over the shopping cart. Kennedy would scream at poor, little Bennett and then try to pry his fingers off her toys. I guess that's a sign we really need to work on sharing!

Carter really loves his little cousin - he gets a little rough at times, but for the most part he's sweet and loving. Here they are reading a few books together.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rockin' some new wheels

We've had so much going on these past few weeks that I only wish I had the time to blog about everything. But this event was just too big to pass up...Carter got a new bike on Saturday and has since taken to the streets! We have lots of kids on our block and they're all about bike-riding age, so Carter was starting to feel a little left out. He decided this weekend that he was ready for a big bike (we had been asking for most of the summer, but he never really seemed committed to the idea) He's as timid as ever, but I'm so proud of him for trying. He's not too keen on going fast but has mastered starting, stopping and turning, so he's well on his way! He has been out riding every day and has only taken a few minor spills - nothing that has kept him off for long. Kyle has been the best teacher and is very patient with him. Carter likes to have all the details and Kyle has been great at explaining everything. So far so good...

We got a helmet and protective pads earlier in the morning, and Carter was all ready to sport them. At least he looks the part?!?

A total poser

Testing it all out - thankfully we have a large driveway and garage, so there's lots of space to practice.

Doing it on his own!

Going up and down the street. He definitely likes the reassurance of having Kyle stand right there with him.

Of course Kennedy had to get in on the action, too. She's fearless and will be motoring around in no time. Thankfully Carter's old trike has a handy push handle, so it's great for now!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A fun weekend and a nice surprise

Unfortunately Labor Day brought with it cold temps and lots of rain - not a great way to end the wonderful summer that we've had. Kyle was off to the coast for a friend's bachelor party, so I was on my own with the kids. I hate to complain, as I know I've got it so good, but I was really bummed about spending the holiday weekend sans hubby. It was the first time that I'd had both kids over night on my own, as well, so I figured it would be kind of rough. Boy was I wrong, we had the BEST time. I treated Saturday as a special day, to differentiate it from every other day we spend together, and we did lots of fun things: took a trip to the mall where we spent too many quarters on cheap little rides and arcade games, but Carter loved it! Had lunch out - with some chips and a cookie, did a little shopping and found some good sales and then played with the neighbors after nap time. I tried to refrain from saying no as much and I honestly think my positive attitude helped, because the kids were fantastic! Then to my surprise, Kyle came home that night. He was supposed to stay through Sunday but the guy he was carpooling with wanted to get home to his family, so I lucked out too! It was wonderful. With Kyle home we were able to spend some quality family time together on Sunday and Monday. With trips to the park, playtime outside and general catch up it ended up being a fabulous weekend. Here are a few pics of the kids these last few days, too.

My sweet Kennedy - she's getting so big and doing so much. I can't believe how quickly she's growing. 14 months old!

She's a walking fool - no more crawling for this gal.

Having fun with brother on the teeter-totter. She's a hoot, always wants to be where Carter is

Swinging like a monkey

We went down to the creek, which flows along the walking trails in our neighborhood, with our neighbors on Monday. As much as I hate to be dirty (and therefore don't love my kids to get dirty either!), I bit my tongue and watched as Carter splashed and dug in the dirt and muddy water. Him dumping the water out of his boots was the cherry on top!

Buddies - Johnny, Carter and Brock - on our way home from the creek.