Sunday, March 20, 2011

7 sunny days in Cabo

Oh vacation, how I love you. We had the best time in Cabo last week and I think everyone hated to say goodbye. The kids swam and played, we had delicious dinners out each night, lots of time to relax and enjoy family and perhaps the best part was that the sun was shining every day. For us, it was a little slice of heaven after a horribly raining winter in the Pacific NW. We are so grateful for this time together.

*A little disclaimer - I took 300+ pictures, so I've split up our trip into four separate posts*

Our family

Carter on the plane ride down - I just love this picture, he's such an old soul, chillin' with my coffee as he reviews the safety procedures.

Auntie Stacy and Kennedy at Poncho's the first night in Cabo


such a cute smile

These three had so much fun together. We were so lucky to be able to spend a week with Bennett, Stacy and Justin.

Carter got to ride in the front seat of the cab to dinner each night. He was so proud.

A daily morning walk to see the flamingos and turtles

Sunset Beach

Last night in Cabo

Thank you Grandma and Papa for a truly amazing week!

beautiful beaches

I love the beach and the beaches in Cabo are beautiful. The kids are still a little young to really enjoy them, but Carter ventured out a bit more this trip and the sand and ocean didn't seem to bother him. Kennedy wanted no part of it, so other than a few walks and morning trips, we pretty much stayed at the pool.

My boys, looking so handsome.

No shovel so Carter improvised.

Safe on Daddy's shoulders was just the place for Miss K

Check out the yacht in the background - biggest thing I've ever seen. Four stories and it's own helicopter. It was anchored off shore the entire time we were there. Must be a rough life for those folks.

Enjoying our morning walk, wish I could start every day this way

The water was a little cold :)

but it was still fun!

Our hotel is on the Sea of Cortez side of Cabo, but we went up to the other resort where Ken and Diane own and it's on the Pacific side. The beaches are wider and flatter and so pretty!

He's getting so grown up

Little Fishies

The kiddos (and Kyle and Justin, who should receive 'Dad of the Year' awards!) spent the majority of each day in the pool, having a fabulous time. It was so great for me to watch them enjoy their themselves so much and to see how much Carter has improved in the water. He was swimming the length of the pool, doing cannon balls off the upper edge and diving down to retrieve his dive sticks. He was so comfortable and had so much fun.

Who needs a gym? Kyle got quite the workout throwing the kids up in the air. They were in the pool within 30 minutes of us arriving at the resort - so excited to finally be there!

so much fun

Oh the's B looking pretty good! It was hilarious to see Kennedy with hers, as she usually insisted on putting them on herself. They were always half on, or covering only one eye. She looked a little special most of the time.

Carter and Grandma

Ready for the pool, Dad!

Justin and all 3 kids

Mr. Cool

I love my little fish!
Taking a little rest

Hey quick, grab a camera Mom's in the pool.

Enjoying a fruity smoothie during happy hour. Thankfully we didn't discover these until the end of the trip. It was a constant request from this point on!

Yellow Submarine

On our fourth day in Cabo, we headed down to the marina and took a boat/submarine ride out to the arch. It was the perfect excursion for little ones, not too long, boat ride and then down below to see some fish. The kids had a great time!

Waiting for our boat at the marina.

Some of the boats were pretty cool. As we waited, you wouldn't believe how many people commented on Kyle's shirt and Carter's hat. Guess there are a lot of Duck fans in Cabo!

The "twins" - These two are a lot of fun - it's hilarious to watch their interactions with one another.

Kennedy down in the 'submarine' part of the boat. They threw chum off the side so there were lots of fish to see. Kennedy was mildly obsessed with this fish identification card. We were lucky enough to see a jelly fish, fish that looked like Gil from Finding Nemo, sea lions and a few other fish species. Carter was on the look out for a hammer head shark, which he was sad he never found.

The view from our boat - BEAUTIFUL!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Carter, Mommy & the MOVERS!

Carter and I had a little date night last night and went to his very first concert. I had heard that The Imagination Movers were coming to town and bought tickets several months ago. I love going to live shows, and I had hoped that Carter would love it too. I have to admit, even though it was geared towards the preschool set, the Movers put on an awesome concert. They're pretty cool - four guys from New Orleans who thought it would be nice to create hip music for young kids. Granted Disney has commercialized them a bit, but the music is super fun and Carter loves the show too. It was a great night!

Getting ready to go...Carter was so excited and talked about it for days ahead of time. He was most excited about getting to stay up past his bed time, I think.

Dinner in a bus - we stopped by the Grilled Cheese Grill and had dinner before the show

The concert was at the Arlene Schnitzer and it was a great venue. We had fifth row, which were by far the best seats I've ever had to a show (perhaps equal to the floor seats I scored to see the Counting Crows in college).

Boy, do they really stick it to you on the loot. $35 later and Carter had a shirt and glow stick. Money well spent, I'm sure.

About every 30 seconds I was checking the time to see when the show would start. It was hard to be patient when it was SO exciting!

Dancing along...can you tell how mellow he was? I had secretly hoped that he would jump and scream like a crazy person, but instead he smiled and took it all in. He did get up and dance, but he was very serious about it. I think it was a lot to take in at once.

Mover Smitty

Gettin' down

Before the encore, they shot out confetti which rained down on the audience. Carter was in awe!

Ending the show - what a fun and special night for us.