Sunday, March 20, 2011

7 sunny days in Cabo

Oh vacation, how I love you. We had the best time in Cabo last week and I think everyone hated to say goodbye. The kids swam and played, we had delicious dinners out each night, lots of time to relax and enjoy family and perhaps the best part was that the sun was shining every day. For us, it was a little slice of heaven after a horribly raining winter in the Pacific NW. We are so grateful for this time together.

*A little disclaimer - I took 300+ pictures, so I've split up our trip into four separate posts*

Our family

Carter on the plane ride down - I just love this picture, he's such an old soul, chillin' with my coffee as he reviews the safety procedures.

Auntie Stacy and Kennedy at Poncho's the first night in Cabo


such a cute smile

These three had so much fun together. We were so lucky to be able to spend a week with Bennett, Stacy and Justin.

Carter got to ride in the front seat of the cab to dinner each night. He was so proud.

A daily morning walk to see the flamingos and turtles

Sunset Beach

Last night in Cabo

Thank you Grandma and Papa for a truly amazing week!

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  1. That picture of Carter is GREAT! One of my all time faves!