Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yellow Submarine

On our fourth day in Cabo, we headed down to the marina and took a boat/submarine ride out to the arch. It was the perfect excursion for little ones, not too long, boat ride and then down below to see some fish. The kids had a great time!

Waiting for our boat at the marina.

Some of the boats were pretty cool. As we waited, you wouldn't believe how many people commented on Kyle's shirt and Carter's hat. Guess there are a lot of Duck fans in Cabo!

The "twins" - These two are a lot of fun - it's hilarious to watch their interactions with one another.

Kennedy down in the 'submarine' part of the boat. They threw chum off the side so there were lots of fish to see. Kennedy was mildly obsessed with this fish identification card. We were lucky enough to see a jelly fish, fish that looked like Gil from Finding Nemo, sea lions and a few other fish species. Carter was on the look out for a hammer head shark, which he was sad he never found.

The view from our boat - BEAUTIFUL!

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