Sunday, March 20, 2011

Little Fishies

The kiddos (and Kyle and Justin, who should receive 'Dad of the Year' awards!) spent the majority of each day in the pool, having a fabulous time. It was so great for me to watch them enjoy their themselves so much and to see how much Carter has improved in the water. He was swimming the length of the pool, doing cannon balls off the upper edge and diving down to retrieve his dive sticks. He was so comfortable and had so much fun.

Who needs a gym? Kyle got quite the workout throwing the kids up in the air. They were in the pool within 30 minutes of us arriving at the resort - so excited to finally be there!

so much fun

Oh the's B looking pretty good! It was hilarious to see Kennedy with hers, as she usually insisted on putting them on herself. They were always half on, or covering only one eye. She looked a little special most of the time.

Carter and Grandma

Ready for the pool, Dad!

Justin and all 3 kids

Mr. Cool

I love my little fish!
Taking a little rest

Hey quick, grab a camera Mom's in the pool.

Enjoying a fruity smoothie during happy hour. Thankfully we didn't discover these until the end of the trip. It was a constant request from this point on!

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