Friday, June 21, 2013

Memorial Day fun ~ a cultural weekend

It wasn't entirely intentional, but we ended up packing our Memorial Day with culture.  On Saturday, we took the kids to see The Oregon Children's Theater's production of A Year with Frog & Toad.  On Sunday, Kennedy and I went to see Cinderella put on by NW Children's Theater.  And on Monday evening, we got a babysitter for the kids and Kyle and I enjoyed a fun night out.  We saw Mumford & Sons at the Rose Garden and even managed to squeeze in dinner and drinks before the show.  It was a really fun weekend, as it's always great to do special things that are a bit out of the ordinary.
It was a beautiful day, so of course we needed a few pictures before we headed downtown.

This was Kennedy's second time to the OCT, and she did great. 
(Although, I think she liked Pinkalicious a little more)

Carter really enjoyed the show and is excited to see a few more next season.  Magic Tree House is coming, so that's a must see!

People say we look alike but I just don't see it (he's so much cuter!)
I do so love my boy and I love doing these kind of things with him.  He just has an appreciation and maturity for things that make it more enjoyable.

A Year With Frog & Toad
The production was great - it was a musical and the actors were super talented.  I had a great time, too!

We got dolled up to go see Cinderella ~
Unfortunately the show wasn't exactly what we were expecting and Kennedy was a little disappointed.  They changed the story.  A lot.  It was cute, but it was acted primarily by high school students so it wasn't quite as good as Frog and Toad.  It was a tap dancing musical so that part was fun.

The step sisters - their names were changed but they were perfectly obnoxious!

Kennedy was very excited to get autographs (although she kept referring to them as photographs)
Here she is with Cinderella ~ Cinderella had red hair and wasn't interested in finding love or a prince (and didn't have a fancy dress), she just wanted to dance.  This gal was quite talented, though, and did a really good job.

Outside the theater in NW

What would a mommy daughter date be without a cupcake? 
We made a quick stop at St. Cupcake before we headed out.
Kennedy chose chocolate :)

Unfortunately, I didn't really get pictures from our date night but I'll record a little recap.  The show was awesome - super talented band and Kyle and I both really love their music.  We were in the nose bleeds, literally six rows from the tippy top!  It was kind of hard to stand up and dance around, so we spent most of the show seated which was a little disappointing.  I think I'd really rather see music at an outdoor venue, I like the feel of it and the freedom to move around.  Mumford and Sons would have been awesome outside...they put on a great show and sounded amazing!  I'm thrilled that we were able to get away and do something fun together.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Preschool Fun (some might say, not so fun!) Day ~ 2013

One preschool tradition that I will surely not miss is "Fun Day".  It's a day that is put on entirely by the parents (and thankfully I have had great groups of moms and dads to work with each year) and the kids really do love it.  It's a lot of work and a bit chaotic, as we get five classrooms rotating through our space in a two hour period.  It's a difficult balance to have enough, but not too much, to keep the littles busy for the 20 minutes.
3 out of the 4 years, I have been in the craft room but this year we were across the hall.  It was a "Parade of Holidays" theme this time around, and our parents chose Earth Day (not a holiday really, but oh well).  We focused on recycling and had the kids plant little chia like pets.  I played a very small role this year and was on hand to volunteer for set-up, clean-up and the day itself.  No planning for me, thank you very much.
Intrigued and excited
First up, the Gumball class!

Kennedy planting her grass

Recycle toss
the kids referred to our room as the garbage room. 

In the Christmas room, Kennedy made an ornament and decorated sugar cookies

It really was a fun Fun Day!
(at least for one of us!)

Mother's Day ~ 2013

Mother's Day ~ 2013

Seven years of motherhood and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  It's the hardest job I've ever had ~ at times frustrating, challenging and tiring but always, always full of love.  I love my two little ones and am so thankful that God chose me to be their mama. 

Mother's Day this year got off to a bit of rocky start...I was overly tired from my night shift work the two previous nights and to be frank was a little let down about our plans for the day.  I think it's because being a mom is so very important to me.  Really the most important thing.  And it's a job that is unappreciated more often than not.  I kind of think that Mother's Day should be special.  Maybe even a little over the top, extraordinary, certainly not like any other Sunday.  Thankfully the kids made me super sweet crafts, which are the very best kind of gifts and the day got progressively better.  A reflective and restorative time at church and a super delicious and fun lunch out at Ginger Pop (cold beer and fabulous Thai food, it really doesn't get much better for me!).  From there we were able to do a little shopping and then headed out to Kyle's parents house to celebrate with family.
Lunch out after church is always fun!

My sweet girl

I always miss being with my mom on Mother's Day.  It's hard to talk to her and know that she's a thousand miles away.  I wish we could celebrate together...especially since becoming a mom myself I now know exactly how much she loves me.  Makes me love and appreciate her and all that she has done for me even more!  Maybe one day we'll be able to celebrate this special day together.

more ballet fun

It's been a fun five months of ballet and as it wraps up, I couldn't help but take a few more pictures.
We were able to view their class again and see their numbers for the upcoming recital.
I really can't get enough of this cuteness!

"Singin' in the Rain" for tap

"Impossible" for ballet

I love that this picture makes it look like she actually knows what she's doing!
My little one marches to her own drum...and dances to it, too.

Kennedy had ballet pictures just three days after her surgery.  I was worried that she wouldn't be up for it, but thankfully she had a day or two where she felt better before she felt worse.  It just so happened that she was doing a bit better on Saturday.  Luckily the pictures were at noon, so she wasn't overly tired either.
It was a lot of fun getting her all dolled up and ready for her pictures, but I must admit I struggled with putting make-up on my baby.  We kept it very simple, a little blush, touch of mascara and a light lip stick.  It was scary how different it made her look.  So grown up.

I didn't bring my camera but was able to snap a few shots with my phone. 
Kennedy loves her costume and is very excited for her recital. 

little ballerinas
Lyla, Kennedy and Kaitlin

So excited to see their big performance next weekend...stay tuned!

Friday, June 14, 2013

a little bit of life ~ spring edition

One of the ways I'm going to get caught up on this silly blog is by doing one random post to cover lots of little things that we did throughout the spring.  Most of the photos are from my phone, so they're not the best quality, but they'll do.  What I love about having a camera on my phone is that it's always's not always easy to lug around my big camera or sometimes special things happen during ordinary times.  It's great to be able to capture the moment easily and it's fun to look back at all the pictures too.  There is no rhyme or reason to these and I'm fairly certain they are all out of order, but they were little bits of life that I'd like the remeber.

Carter and Asher on their field trip to the Water Resource Center.
I chaperoned this one and had a fun group of four boys.  Asher and Carter were thrilled to be sitting in the back of the bus on the way and I was squeezed in there right along side them.
First grade boys have very intersting conversations :)

I was skeptical of how this field trip would turn out, but it was actually pretty fun.  I liked that the kids were engaged, doing hands on experiments throughout much of the two hours.

My little group (plus one)
Austin, Carter, Asher, Joey and Brooks
A funny story...on the way home, Carter shared a seat with two girls from his class.  I have noticed a cute interest on their parts before but it was sweet to see Carter interact with them.  And I have to say, he was so much calmer and well behaved.  He told me later that they made up games and pretended to be animals while the other two asked questions to figure out what animal they were.  I think Carter needs to be friends with more girls :)

I needed to run a few errands after picking up the girls from preschool one day (I usually have three for carpool, but Shannon had picked up Gracie that afternoon).  After making a few returns, we headed to the food court for a super nutricious lunch at McDonalds.  I'm not a fan, but I knew the girls would love it.  They had spinning ballet fairies in their Happy Meals, so they were over the moon!  Sometimes it's the little things.
Funny enough Kaitlin and Kennedy were dressed exactly the same (on accident) ~ same cute navy dress with cherries and a red trench.  Even though they look nothing alike, we had about half a dozen people ask us if they were twins.  They thought that was pretty fun!

What would a trip to the mall be without a quick ride on the lawn mowers?!?

Kennedy came home from church with this sweet craft on Palm Sunday.  I had to chuckle that Carter was omitted :)

Kathy and I were able to enjoy a nice evening out celebrating her birthday.  We tried a new Thai restaurant and it was so delicious.  Great food and even better company ~ it was the perfect way to celebrate a special friend!
I adore Kathy and thank God for bringing her into my life at the most perfect time! 
Happy Birthday, friend!

Another little birthday celebration...this time for Kennedy's bff, Lauren.  Lauren had a family party this year but we wanted to make sure that we celebrated her special day, so the girls had a fun afternoon treat at Menchies.  (what would a birthday celebration be without a princess crown?)  We love Lauren, she is such a sweet girl and I love that she and Kennedy get along so well.  We are lucky to have her!

Bennett and Carter
Unfortunately we were in Arizona for Spring Break when B was up visiting but we were lucky enough to be able to meet up as we flew home and they were flying out.
A fun lunch at Red Robin with two very silly boys.  These two are great friends!

Carter is loosing teeth left and right around here!

Kennedy had a nice shiner after attempting to walk Jake ~ he took off running and she forgot to let go of the leash, down she went.  She had a nasty scrape on her cheek and one on her shoulder.  She stood up crying but as soon as she realized that she hadn't lost the dog, she was fine.  Our girl is tough!

Kennedy and Lauren enjoying one of many baseball games

Kennedy learned to cross the monkey bars ~ and she was so proud of herself!  I'm not certain that she's been able to make it all the way across again, but she was successful on this attempt!

Snack Shack duty
Just looking at this picture makes me had been a rough day for me, and I was dreading heading to the ball park to work in the snack shack that evening.  But thankfully I was with my two sweet friends and we were able survive on laughter.  We were in so far over our heads: working an industrial type grill, making hot dogs, hamburgers, using a fryer to make french fries and tater tots (they were actually really delicious), sending ice flying as I made snow cones, etc.  But it was fun.  So fun to be able to have deep from your belly laughs as you're struggling with life.  It was a great escape from the real world, although I can truthfully say that none of us will be exploring careers in the food service industry.  And I will never order food from the snack shack either :) 

Kennedy and I had to head out to Beaverton to get the car serviced at the dealership.  She managed to charm her way with the salesmen and ended up with a pink hat (which, knowing Acura they probably sell for $40), a few snacks and a bottle of water.

Kyle and I enjoyed a rare night out with friends and had so much fun! 
We bar hopped our way through Camas.  We tried new places (K'Syrah, Harvest and Birch St. Bar) and had so much fun.  Whenever we go out with Heather and Patrick, I come home with my cheeks hurting from all the laughing.  They surely know how to have a good time!

A rainy baseball game is made more enjoyable when shared with a friend!

And this is a testament to how crazy life has been over the past few months.  My ironing pile(s) were out of control!  I spent a six hour stretch ironing just to get to the bottom.  It was brutal, as ironing is not one of my most favorite chores!  Happy to report that the pile is now gone, at least until the next load of laundry is washed.