Saturday, June 15, 2013

Preschool Fun (some might say, not so fun!) Day ~ 2013

One preschool tradition that I will surely not miss is "Fun Day".  It's a day that is put on entirely by the parents (and thankfully I have had great groups of moms and dads to work with each year) and the kids really do love it.  It's a lot of work and a bit chaotic, as we get five classrooms rotating through our space in a two hour period.  It's a difficult balance to have enough, but not too much, to keep the littles busy for the 20 minutes.
3 out of the 4 years, I have been in the craft room but this year we were across the hall.  It was a "Parade of Holidays" theme this time around, and our parents chose Earth Day (not a holiday really, but oh well).  We focused on recycling and had the kids plant little chia like pets.  I played a very small role this year and was on hand to volunteer for set-up, clean-up and the day itself.  No planning for me, thank you very much.
Intrigued and excited
First up, the Gumball class!

Kennedy planting her grass

Recycle toss
the kids referred to our room as the garbage room. 

In the Christmas room, Kennedy made an ornament and decorated sugar cookies

It really was a fun Fun Day!
(at least for one of us!)

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