Saturday, June 1, 2013

Arizona {Sedona}

Sedona is one of the prettiest towns in the southwest, and I have always wanted to take the kids and show them the beautiful red rocks.  We still haven't made it all the way up the Grand Canyon, but at least we were able to check Sedona off the list this trip.  My mom found a groupon deal for a jeep tour that we thought the kids would enjoy.  It ended up being a little less thrilling than we had anticipated, but Carter seemed to like it and it was a fun, unique experience.
Kennedy was all set and ready to go!

Carter and Nana before we headed out to the desert with Wild Bill and his jeep

At the half way point we were able to get out of the jeep and explore a little bit.  This was an old (thinking 1800s but I can't quite remember) cabin that had been built by a homesteader ~ he was a bit of recluse and lived out his days in the middle of no where.  No thank you!

I had to include this picture because it shows Kennedy completely zonked out in the back of the jeep.  She managed to sleep her way through most of the tour, even with all of the bumping and bouncing!
Carter and Wild Bill
Our guide was definitely the best part of our adventure.  He had done a bit of everything (Armed Forces, cattle guy, police officer, volunteer fire fighter, wildlife park worker and now a jeep tour guide).  He was very knowledgeable and gave lots of good information.

Carter in the red rock desert

my mama and me
(Carter loves taking pictures with my camera and actually does a really good job)

With a little nap under her belt, Kennedy was ready to explore the town of Sedona.  After lunch we found a wonderful little chocolate shop and got some treats for later.  I'm not even a huge chocolate fan, but the smell in this shop was heavenly.  They make all of their chocolates on site and it was all very good!Thankfully they had ice cream too!

On our way back to Phoenix, we made a stop at Montezuma Castle.
It really was an incredible area ~ so much history.
Carter was bummed that we couldn't actually climb through the castle and Kennedy was expecting princesses and a draw bridge :)

I was impressed enough for all of us.
Native Americans built these labyrinths of rooms right into the mountain and from their home they could see throughout the valley.  I am always amazed at what people could construct with relatively nothing.  A few handmade tools at best.  Crazy.

quick picture stop

Love how my son follows directions and rules :)

Overall a very fun, adventurous day for all!

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