Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Carter-Man

A birthday celebration seems to last a week or so in our house and this year was no exception.  By the time we got to Carter's actual birthday, he was on his third celebration!  It was nice that his birthday fell on a Sunday this year...with his crazy party behind us, we were able to enjoy a fun, special, much more relaxed day celebrating everything great about Carter.
A special tradition is to get breakfast in bed on your birthday.  It's a pretty big deal and Carter was so excited.  He chose to have french toast and fruit (he doesn't normally drink from a lidded cup, but I thought this was a much safer way to enjoy his OJ).

such anticipation...anxiously awaiting the delivery of his breakfast.

and that is a sincere hug of thanks.  I know Carter felt special and loved, which is what a birthday is all about!

a quick picture before we headed off to church
I really can't believe my boy is 7.  7!  However did that happen?
We joke that soon he'll be as tall as I am...we joke, but really, I wonder?  He's gaining ground quickly, too quickly for my liking.

Since we were having family over for dinner to continue his birthday celebration, Carter got to choose the restaurant for his birthday lunch.  He loves sushi and had wanted to go to Mio, but we found it is closed on Sundays.  So, we decided to be adventurous and tried Sushi Land.  Well, what a treat that turned out to be... I thought the sushi was mediocre at best, but the kids loved the idea of food coming around on the conveyor belt.  It was fun to sample lots of different rolls and Carter quite possibly ate his weight in sushi!  He was thrilled!

Off to Baskin & Robbins for a quick ice cream cone
Another way Carter is like me - he always chooses fruit type flavors over chocolate.  This time was grape and apple sherbet with some candy pieces.  He loved it. 

Auntie Val, Mark and Brady, Grandma & Papa and Aunt Peg came over to help celebrate.
Carter chose the menu, so we had a great dinner of ribs, salad, fruit and rolls.
The kids played and had fun with Brady and we just enjoyed a relaxed afternoon with family.
Carter was thrilled with his new wedge, golf balls and glove.
The pom poms were a hit while Carter was opening presents!

a future cheer leader perhaps?
I love this picture of's just so him
He's happiest with a ball in his hands, being active.  I also love how it shows off some of his missing teeth.  This past year, the sixth year, of his life will be filled with pictures of his smile in varying states. 

There are so many wonderful things that I love about Carter.  He is funny and smart, he is always up for learning something new and asks great questions and has a lot to add to conversation.  He has done wonderfully in school this year, his favorite subject is math and he's managed to teach himself a bit of multiplication and division.  He has really worked hard and is a fantastic reader.  He loves stories and has finished the first five books in the Harry Potter series, his favorite.  He's recently developed a liking for the Lemony Snicket and A to Z Mystery series.  He also likes to read for knowledge ~ our last trip to the library had us searching for books on a few of our past presidents.  He chose three to research further, JFK, Nixon and Grover Cleavland.  He's usually very excited to share any new information he's learned.  He is confident, sometimes a bit too confident and we've had to work on not boasting.  There's a fine line between being confident and being a bragger and we're trying hard to make sure that he knows the difference.  He has chosen great friends, and I'm so proud of him for that, as that's important in life.  Carter loves going to church and has wonderful buddies there.  He never forgets to read his devotional each evening and truly has a heart for God.  He's sensitive and sweet and still sometimes struggles with expressing his emotions appropriately.  He's passionate and stubborn and always right, trust me he'll tell you too.  Man, can that boy argue.  It can be exhausting.  Carter loves sports, all sports.  He's most happy when he's outside, preferably with a ball in his hand.  He loves football and baseball and basketball but also enjoys playing soccer, golf and has developed an interest in tennis, as well.  This year he took swimming lessons in the summer, played his third year of soccer in the fall, had a great first season of basketball in the winter and is enjoying an awesome season of baseball this spring.  He also fell in love with skiing and participated in a four week ski program this winter.  He's active and healthy and really loves to be outdoors.  Yet another trait that I love about Carter is that he's not so "boyish" that he can't enjoy other things.  While he loves sports, he also has fun doing art projects with his sister, snuggling with his mama watching HGTV (House Hunters and Love It or List It are his two favorites) on a Saturday night and helping me cook or bake.  He's sensitive and loving and sweet...a very well rounded little man.
He's certainly not perfect, our boy.  These past few months we've had some behavior problems that we're working really hard to correct.  He is impatient and intolerant and can argue a blue streak (even with his teacher!).  He struggles with impulse control a bit and can be so goofy and silly, even when it's not appropriate.  It's been hard for me to witness some of these transformations, as I know what a sweet boy he can be.  He's a love in so many ways and I just pray that he will have a kind and gentle heart, thinking of others before himself.  It's a tall order for a seven year old, I know, but I am confident he'll find his way.  He has so much to offer this world and I am excited to see where God will take him.
I feel so blessed to have Carter as my years ago, God made me a mama by entrusting me with this precious boy.  I experienced a love that is unlike any other.  A mother's love is unconditional and I will love you forever, Carter, no matter what.   
Carter snapped this picture during dinner and I thought it was so cute.  Brady's eye's just sparkle!
He's such a sweet little guy.

What would a party be without a small fire to ignite some excitement?  After bbq-ing our delicious dinner, Kyle left the BBQ on high to burn off the sauce and clean the grill a bit.  Unfortunately, he forgot that it was on and just after dinner, Mark noticed flames shooting up.  Thankfully Kyle didn't panic and quickly grabbed the fire extinguisher from the boat (at the time, our only extinguisher in the house ~ now we have two others more conveniently located!  Nothing like a close call to promote fire safety) and put out the fire.  Quite an exciting way to end the day!

Grandma and the boys
A great way to end a fun weekend of celebrating a very special boy!
Happy 7th Birthday, Carter.  We love you more than words could ever say!

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