Friday, June 14, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

My goal was to be caught up on our blog before summer officially started...I'm getting there, slowly, but I am making progress.  At least I've moved into May!

One of our regularly scheduled small group gatherings happened to fall on Cinco de Mayo, so we decided a little party was in order.  The weather cooperated and we had such a fun evening; delicious food, yummy margaritas, laughing children (14 of them!) and wonderful friends to share great conversations.  It was a fantastic way to spend an afternoon!
The ladies
(Rachel arrived a little late so we missed her in this one)
I am so very grateful for this group of women who I am lucky enough to call friends.  They offer such support and love...and they are really fun. 

The guys manned the troops out front while the ladies were able to catch up properly.  I love that Kyle has really connected with these men in our group.  They often get together on their own and are a great support for one another.

It was so warm that the sprinkler was pulled out and the kids ran around and squealed with delight!

These boys are so cute!
We are lucky to have four first grade boys in our group and they get along really well.  I am also so thankful for these relationships that Carter is starting to develop ~ a great group of 14 special kids!

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