Friday, June 14, 2013

A Reason to Run

Our church put on an amazing event this year, the inaugural A Reason to Run 5K.  I know it was a lot of work for the folks who organized it, but their hard work really paid off, as it was a fabulous race.  The wonderful sense of community and the multi-generational participants is exactly what our church is hoping to move towards with family ministry.  There were kids playing, volunteers helping, folks seriously running and lots of people just out to have a good time and get a little exercise.  I was somewhere in's no secret that I'm not one who loves to exercise and I certainly don't like to run.  I've tried it a few times and I always feel like my lungs are going to explode, so I stop.  I don't usually get very far.  But I'm happy to say that I did run a bit during the race, while pushing Kennedy in the stroller and trying to prod Carter to keep up.  Between bathroom breaks (Carter), stroller changes (both Kennedy and Carter) we completed the race in ~42 minutes.  And it was really fun.  I loved it!  So much so that I am committed to actually training for it next year and running the entire thing.
And not to forget my super athletic hubby, he ran the whole thing and came in 5th or 6th place in his age division.  And he said he could have ran faster but having never run a 5K didn't know what to expect.
Our friends, the Grices, were incredible ~ both runners, they were making there way to the finish as I was passing the one mile marker.  Zack won the whole thing and I think Rachel finished forth or fifth overall.  I was impressed!
Kyle complimented me and said at least I looked the part.
We were ready to run!

Kennedy was a happy participant, too.
There was a kids fun run after the race, but we had to rush off and get Carter to his baseball game.  Hopefully we can do that next year, I'm sure the kids would have really enjoyed it.

A family photo before the race

Kennedy and I finishing strong!
I was super impressed that Carter kept up most of the way, of course there was a bit of complaining and whining but he ran and walked and completed the race with me.  It was so fun to do it with the kids.

It was a beautiful day and such a great way to spend time as a family and enjoy our church family, too.
This event supported our church's many missions, which was an added bonus.  I am so proud of the team that worked so hard to get this race off the ground.  It really was wonderfully done!  Looking forward to next year!

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  1. Loving that the Grices were finishing as you were hitting mile marker ONE. Classic. I would have been right there with you friend, sorry to have missed it. Next year we'll rock it. :)

    LOVE the pic of Kennedy at the end, that is just too cute!! (Her wrinkled nose smile is my favorite).