Friday, June 21, 2013

Memorial Day fun ~ a cultural weekend

It wasn't entirely intentional, but we ended up packing our Memorial Day with culture.  On Saturday, we took the kids to see The Oregon Children's Theater's production of A Year with Frog & Toad.  On Sunday, Kennedy and I went to see Cinderella put on by NW Children's Theater.  And on Monday evening, we got a babysitter for the kids and Kyle and I enjoyed a fun night out.  We saw Mumford & Sons at the Rose Garden and even managed to squeeze in dinner and drinks before the show.  It was a really fun weekend, as it's always great to do special things that are a bit out of the ordinary.
It was a beautiful day, so of course we needed a few pictures before we headed downtown.

This was Kennedy's second time to the OCT, and she did great. 
(Although, I think she liked Pinkalicious a little more)

Carter really enjoyed the show and is excited to see a few more next season.  Magic Tree House is coming, so that's a must see!

People say we look alike but I just don't see it (he's so much cuter!)
I do so love my boy and I love doing these kind of things with him.  He just has an appreciation and maturity for things that make it more enjoyable.

A Year With Frog & Toad
The production was great - it was a musical and the actors were super talented.  I had a great time, too!

We got dolled up to go see Cinderella ~
Unfortunately the show wasn't exactly what we were expecting and Kennedy was a little disappointed.  They changed the story.  A lot.  It was cute, but it was acted primarily by high school students so it wasn't quite as good as Frog and Toad.  It was a tap dancing musical so that part was fun.

The step sisters - their names were changed but they were perfectly obnoxious!

Kennedy was very excited to get autographs (although she kept referring to them as photographs)
Here she is with Cinderella ~ Cinderella had red hair and wasn't interested in finding love or a prince (and didn't have a fancy dress), she just wanted to dance.  This gal was quite talented, though, and did a really good job.

Outside the theater in NW

What would a mommy daughter date be without a cupcake? 
We made a quick stop at St. Cupcake before we headed out.
Kennedy chose chocolate :)

Unfortunately, I didn't really get pictures from our date night but I'll record a little recap.  The show was awesome - super talented band and Kyle and I both really love their music.  We were in the nose bleeds, literally six rows from the tippy top!  It was kind of hard to stand up and dance around, so we spent most of the show seated which was a little disappointing.  I think I'd really rather see music at an outdoor venue, I like the feel of it and the freedom to move around.  Mumford and Sons would have been awesome outside...they put on a great show and sounded amazing!  I'm thrilled that we were able to get away and do something fun together.

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