Saturday, June 1, 2013

Arizona ~ Carter's Birthday Celebration!

We were down in Arizona the week before Carter's birthday, so my mom wanted to throw him a little party to celebrate.  It also happened to be my Aunt Sandy's actual birthday, so we celebrated them both!
I whipped up a little banner and mom bought balloons. 
She put together cute gift bags for the children and Carter got to choose the menu.
We went with a baseball theme and BBQ-ed.

Pops and Nana are always such gracious hosts...we love our time in Arizona!

quick  family picture before the party started

My mom, cousin Kelli (she was in town from Reno to celebrate her mom's special day) and Aunt Sandy

relaxing poolside ~ this is the life!

Jack, Kennedy and Gracie
I love the littles' dining accessories

The kids had so much fun together and played so well. 
I am so thankful that they could come over and visit while we were in town.
I made snickerdoodle cupcakes ~ a family favorite
Nothing fancy, but they were fun and so tasty!

Getting ready...
Hope all of your wishes come true!

Carter's request for dessert was ice cream sundaes ~ Nana had all of the fun candy toppings and the kids had a ball making their own.  Carter was thrilled!
Birthdays are a time to feel like the most special kid in the world and we did our best to make Carter feel that way during this fun, family celebration.  It was a great party and wonderful day!
A fun way to kick off a week of celebrating my boy!

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