Monday, October 1, 2012

Disneyland ~ Day 2 ~ Goofy's Kitchen

Day 2 and a fun dinner at Goofy's Kitchen
After naps all around, we headed back over to the park and to the Disneyland Hotel.
Goofy's Kitchen is billed as a  "character dining experience," and it did not disappoint.  We had early reservations, which actually worked out really well.  We were able to eat and mingle with all of the characters without feeling rushed or crowed.
We all had a great time!
Nana and the kids

Our family with Goofy

Again, they weren't rushing us through and allowed us to take a few different pictures with Goofy.
This one turned out great with Nana joining in!

Pluto was up first
The kids really loved all of the characters and were smiling from ear to ear.  They happily posed for pictures, gave hugs and high-fives and were giddy with anticipation.
Kennedy ate about two bites of a strawberry and a little ice cream (and for those of you who know Kennedy, you know she's an eater!  I think she was just too excited to be bothered with food!)

Mickey had the night off, but we got to see Minnie
I love Minnie and so did the kids

Kennedy was so intent on getting autographs in her book...she was thrilled and so proud as each character lovingly signed their name.

Mommy and Daddy had some fun, too!

Aladdin was there!
It was funny to see the difference of Kennedy's interactions with costumed characters and "real people" characters.  She was definitely more nervous and more reserved with the real people.  It took her a bit to warm up, but she still smiled for each picture and asked them to sign her book.

Yippee for Chip!  I'm not sure why Kennedy was so excited for Chip, but she refused to eat until she got the chance to meet him.  (I think she thought it was one of the chipmunks from "Alvin and The Chipmunks ~ kind of funny)

This is what joy looks like to me...not posed, spontaneous, real happiness right here.

And this is Kennedy looking uncertain and shy.  Jasmine was such a sweet princess and tried so hard to draw Kennedy out of her shell.  It was very nice.  It took a bit of work, but Kennedy finally smiled and said thank you.

and posed for a picture

Minnie with Kennedy and Nana

big hugs for Minnie Mouse!

We capped off our fabulous day with the fireworks show.  
They were so beautiful and it is always so magical!
Of course, there's a funny story that goes along with the show ~ it's kind of our luck, really.
My mom and I staked out spots for the fireworks and waited for well over an hour while Kyle and the kids went on a few more rides.  They kind of pack you in like sardines, but we had great seats on the curb and were able to see well (or so we thought).  We were slightly left of the castle and so were the fireworks...perfect you'd think, but there was also a big ol' tree to the left of the castle, too, and so our view was partially blocked for most of the show.  It was more funny than anything else and the kids didn't seem to mind a bit.  Still a wonderful way to end our second day at the Magic Kingdom!

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