Sunday, September 30, 2012

Disneyland ~ Day 2 ~ California Adventure

Day 2!
Day 2 of our trip started off bright and early, as the parks opened at 8:00 AM.  We caught our shuttle at 7:15, so that we could get in line at California Adventure.  We really wanted to get to Carsland before the lines got too long.  I figured waiting with a latte before things opened was better than waiting in line in the heat of the day.
We were all excited and ready for a full day of fun!

A quick photo op

Oh Kennedy and her maps...she was so funny.  Before we went, my friend Shannon (who had gone to Disney the week before) gave us some maps so that we could discuss the rides with the kids.  Kennedy was so certain of where she wanted to go.  "first we'll see the princesses, then we'll go on Small World and then we'll go on the roller coasters."  She was pretty obsessed with maps while we were there too.  Each day she insisted on getting a new one and would often plot our course.  She's so intense and  her little voice is so cute.  I love this about her.

Waiting for the big ride in Carsland.  
This was the only ride in either park with a long wait all of the time.  Even the line for the fast passes (which were usually gone within the first hour of opening) was huge.  We followed the crowds, led by Lightening McQueen and Mater, through Radiator Springs right at opening and got into line.  We ended up waiting only 20 minutes and really enjoyed the ride.  It's a faster coaster type ride, and it was done really well.  It was a ton of fun and I wish we would have had the chance to go on it again.  No one seemed willing to wait the hour in line, though.

Fresh and ready for some fun!

Waiting at Luigi's Flying Tires
Possibly the worst ride that we went on the entire trip.  We had to wait 40 minutes, not the 20 that the sign had said, and the ride was pretty much a dud.  It was boring and no one seemed to like it much.

The best part of the whole thing was while we were waiting in line, Luigi was speaking Italian while giving instructions.  It was cute and I could listen to Italian all day!

The idea was kind of a hover craft/bumper car ~ you had to lean in the direction you wished your tire to move.  It didn't work too well and we just kind of inched along.

Then it was the big time...California Screamin'!  Carter was so excited!  Maybe a little nervous, too, but he did his best not to let it show.
I loved riding this with him and we both squealed and laughed the whole time.

And then here's our other adrenaline junkie...she couldn't get enough of the big roller coasters and would yell "everybody in my whole family, put your hands up!"
These pictures were taken on Goofy's Coaster, which we went on three times in a row. 
Getting ready

Going up

That's pure joy and fun right there.  Oh how I loved being with Kennedy as she was thrilled on these rides.  They both had so much fun and to experience the joy through their eyes was such a gift.

Carter joined in on a parade of the green army men from Toy Story.   He marched and followed orders and then they put on a great little drum show.  These little impromptu shows were so much fun for the kids.  They really could get up close and personal with the characters and feel a part of things. 

It was such a great way to spend the first half of our day.  We left a bit after lunch and headed back to our hotel for a quick swim and nap.  We had dinner with the characters at Goofy's Kitchen that night and then planned to stay up for the fireworks.  After an early start, it was a wise choice.

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