Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Celebrating Shanda

My friend, Shanda, got married two weekends ago, so there were lots of opportunities to celebrate with her.  It's kind of nice that we don't have a million weddings each summer (like we did right after college), because we are really able to enjoy all the festivities.
First up...
An impromptu bridal shower at Sinju.
Unfortunately with the craziness of summer, most of us were unable to attend Shanda's bridal shower.  So Lindsay thoughtfully put this night together and we were able to shower Shanda with love and a few gifts.  We had our own private Tatami room, so it was a lot of fun!

Champagne and sushi - delicious!

The following weekend, we celebrated Shanda with a good ol' fashion bachelorette party.
We gathered at Kirstin's for dessert, drinks and gifts and then the group headed out on the town (I'd worked the night before and had been up all day, so my night ended at that point)

Our attempt at a group picture - I love this, because you can just tell that Shanda is having fun and is happy.  Which a bride should definitely be!

Carrie and I attended the wedding together...we left the hubbies at home with the kids and enjoyed a fun night out with the girls.

Cheri and I before the ceremony.
The wedding took place at a home outside of Oregon City.  
It was a beautiful setting and a lovely wedding!

beautiful bride
Seriously, she looked stunning!  It was the perfect dress for her.  Gorgeous!
Shanda was just beaming throughout the entire night, which made us all so happy.

Carrie, Cheri, me, Lindsay and Kirstin
Kirstin officiated the ceremony and did a really good job.  It certainly gave the ceremony a more personal feel.

ready for some fun!

Linfield girls

I was trying to snap pictures as much as I could, because it's rare that we can all get together and have a fun evening.  It was wonderful getting to celebrate Shanda and Chris and enjoy the evening with friends.

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