Thursday, September 13, 2012

"fun" with Daddy

This is what happens when Daddy's in charge...
No, Kyle didn't beat them for disobedience, he just took them on a bike ride along the Lacamas Lake trail.
I guess they had a great time until the end ~ and this was the end.
Kennedy has trouble looking forward and watching where she is going, so she took a few tumbles off the trail.  At one point, she rode ride off the trail and was upside down, bike hanging on a branch and Kyle was fearful that she was going to end up in the lake.  She didn't, just laid there, perfectly still, waiting to be rescued.  No tears, just faith that Daddy would help her.  Kyle was able to pull her up by her ankles while she clung tightly to her bike.  She hopped right back on and continued her adventure.

Unfortunately the second time she veered off course, she landed in a patch of sticker bushes and got a bit scraped up.  Still no tears...until Carter fell and then they were both utter wrecks.

Carter did great and had such a fun time on the ride...until the very end when he went to stop in gravel and his bike slid out from beneath him.  It was a pretty bad fall ~ a badly scraped elbow, bruised hip and scraped leg.  Poor buddy.  And he wasn't dramatic about it all (insert sarcasm here).  
You would have thought he lost a limb!
When the three of them arrived home, I was afraid someone had died.  Thankfully all involved survived and were just a little worse for wear.
*disclaimer* ~ Kyle grabbed the camera and snapped these pictures all on his own.  He thought it would make for a better story if we had photographic evidence.  Aren't we the best parents?!?


  1. This is awesome! Not in the 'I'm happy your kids were hurt kind of way'. More the, 'these are the moments that can tear us down and we rarely document them, or have time to document them because we are applying ointments and band-aids'.

    They will love this one when they are older. Again, this one made me smile but not in the 'i'm a horrible person' kind of way. Just a 'I've totally been here'.

    Tell Kyle, good job on the pics. They truly did help tell the story :)

  2. HILARIOUS - way to go Kyle, and kuddos for thinking to take pictures all on your own! For future reference, the trail head on the west side (close to Union H.S. and Camas Meadows) is much easier for kids to navigate. I took mine from the east side once and was nervous the whole time (it has more hills and more places close to water). We LOVE this trail!!!!

  3. LOVE this! Real life stuff, and fun to look back on and laugh. Y