Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Love at the Avett Brothers show

After dropping hint after hint after hint (think I finally said, "you know, I would love to go see the Avett Brothers on Sunday night)  Kyle took the hint and sweetly arranged with his parents to watch the kids, we bought tickets that morning and headed out to Edgefield before the gates opened.  We lined up and anxiously awaited the show.  We got great seats and could see the stage perfectly.  Kyle had never even heard their music, but he knows how much I love them and thought it would be fun.  That is what love is to me...doing something out of your comfort zone to make your partner happy.  I am a huge fan of live music, but it's a passion that Kyle doesn't really share.  But, it was a beautiful night, the music was fantastic (really, they are so great!) and we enjoyed every minute together.
Thanks for showing me love, Kyle!
We had two hours to enjoy each other and catch up a bit before the show started.  It was such a fantastic way to spend an evening...we talked uninterrupted the whole time.  It felt like a added gift to be able to reconnect and really enjoy some relaxed time together.

And of course I had a Ruby (or two...or three)
Dinner of champions!

I was on my feet and cheering for these guys.
They put on such an incredible show.  Kyle was super impressed, too.  They played for 2.5 hours and barely slowed down.  They sing with such energy and passion.  Hoping they come again next year :)

In the middle of the show, they kind of calmed the crazy, high energy of things and busted out a gospel type song.  I loved it, hearing them sing of the greatness of Jesus...made me love them even more.  Their harmonies are unbelievable and the energy of the show had me on my feet the entire time.  I could listen to them all day!
All in all a perfectly lovely evening with great music and the love of my life.

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  1. Good for you for introducing Kyle to their music - they're so awesome! :) Sounds like a few other people have been introduced to their talent as well through our blog posts. :)

    I wish we could have gone both nights. Saturday night was great and I think they did different playlists for each night. I think this is such a perfect venue for them too.