Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eagle Crest 2012

Our annual trip to Eagle Crest got off to a rocky start...Kennedy wasn't feeling well when we left and got sick during the drive over.  It was not a pleasant 30 minutes for any of us!  She was running a fever and threw up again throughout the night.  Suffice it to say it wasn't a restful night.  Carter woke up the following morning, also feeling sick, running a fever and throwing up.  They both napped and we just laid low our first day.  Thankfully it was just a 24 hour bug and both were feeling much better the next day.  The sun was shining, we were with family and once the kids were back to themselves, we had a wonderful vacation.

Our condo was on the 6th hole, which made for a perfect play space in the evenings.  A little kite flying, a lot of running, some golf, football and soccer.
I love the smell of central Oregon - I think it's the juniper, but I'm not sure - it just smells good.  Fresh and clean, it smells like vacation!

Wherever Carter and Kennedy were, Brady was a few steps behind.  He loves his cousins and did his best to keep up with the big kids.

Practicing some putting

Our littlest golfer - it's just a matter of time before he's swinging away, too.

Lots of time for bike rides
There are a lot of hills throughout the resort, but Carter did well and enjoyed the freedom of riding.

Kennedy and Brady preferred to catch a ride with Kyle

One morning, when the boys were out golfing, Kennedy and I took a long walk with Auntie Val and Brady.  We walked all the way to the coffee shop and then stopped to feed the ducks.

The deer are so domesticated and will get very close.  Each day we were fortunate enough to see a few, munching on the grass.

Harry Potter even joined us for dinner
While the adults were downstairs preparing dinner, Carter used the markers and drew himself a lightning bolt scar.
(This is Carter's latest obsession and it's kind of all consuming.  He is constantly listening to the books on tape and we have been plodding along with the fifth book this summer.  He loves the first few movies and is already talking about visiting Harry Potter land for his 10th birthday.)

Carter loved the opportunity to golf several times and then practiced in the evenings, too.
He's really improving but has a hard time understanding why every shot isn't perfect.  He got a little down when he wasn't putting well.  He's a perfectionist in the making, I'm afraid.

Lots of time to be outside, playing and climbing rocks

Brady loved the swings!

So did Sis

Carter must be awfully sweet because the mosquitoes ate him alive!  
The par-3 course that they tried, outside of Redmond, wasn't well maintained and had a ton of bugs.  They only played 10 holes because they were getting bit so badly.  Carter's arms and legs were covered in bites!

This is how we like to vacation, doesn't he look relaxed?

Golfing with Papa

My sweet boy, six years old and getting so big.

Setting off for our hike...

There is a wonderful trail that winds along the river.  The views are gorgeous and we had fun just ambling along.  The kids skipped rocks, 

climbed trees, 

and even humored me with a few pictures.

A very nice, older gentleman stopped and offered to take a photo of the four of us. 
Such a thoughtful gesture and one that I happily accepted.

We rode our bikes out to feed the horses.

And of course, we did lots of swimming!
I want to add that one afternoon, while the boys were golfing, I swam with Kennedy for a couple of hours.  We played and splashed and she had me treading water for ages as she jumped into the deep end, over and over!
Once everyone was feeling healthy, it turned out to be a very relaxing and fun few days.  I love this annual trip and am thankful that our kids get to experience this type of vacation.

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