Saturday, August 25, 2012

Alderbrook Park Adventure

We were recently told about a fabulous park outside of Vancouver (to the northeast of us in the middle of no where), called Alderbrook.  I guess it's been around forever, but was recently purchased and refurbished.  It's now open to the public on weekdays, so the kids and I headed there with some friends to explore and enjoy the day.
There were so many fun things to do and it would be easy to spend the entire there.  The kids had a blast!  It was cheap, huge and offered a wide variety of things to do...we'll definitely be going back.
There was a maze and big pirate ship where the kids could run and play.  The moms were able to stand off to the side and catch up a bit.

There was a small lake where we got to ride paddle boats.  It was shallow enough to see fish and salamanders, so we tootled around there for awhile.

I did the majority of the pedaling, but unlike kayaking, it was relatively simple.

Carter & Kennedy and Emery, Brevin & Shannon

They had a fun pool where we ate lunch and then let the kids swim.
I think Kennedy would swim all day if we let her
I love her sense of fearlessness when it comes to the water...I pray that she keeps her sense of adventure and that it takes her to many wonderful places throughout her life.

After swimming we fed fish at the lake.  They were jumping out of the water and splashing the boys - it was great fun!

Olivia and Kennedy
There was a little train that went around the perimeter of the park which we rode a few times.

Drinking fountains with pink lemonade! 
This was a hit with the kids, so exciting!

Another loop on the train...
notice their blue mouths?  We enjoyed giant shaved ice treats and they turned their lips all kinds of colors.

While petting zoos are not my favorite, Kennedy loved it.
There was a llama (or alpaca, not really sure of the difference) with very soft wool.

A goat

a cow
(and some bunnies that we couldn't touch)
I guess they sometimes have pony rides, as well, but they weren't available the day that we visited the park.  Maybe next time.
Such a fun day with friends, discovering a new park and enjoying the outdoors.
Oh, how I am going to miss summer...

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