Monday, August 6, 2012

34. How did that happen?

I am not quite sure how I reached my "mid 30's", but I did.  There are two sides to this times I don't feel nearly as old as the numbers say.  Maybe somewhere around 27 or so.  At other times, when exhaustion sets in or patience runs thin I feel many years older.  My body feels older.  Sad.  This year I found my first grey hair and started to notice a few "laugh lines" around my mouth...I'm getting older and I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it.  I've liked my 30's.  I feel more comfortable with myself and my choices, worrying much less about what others think.  That is a gift, a freeing gift.  So, I guess I'll take the grey hairs and the less than firm stomach region - there are trade offs.  Little prices to pay for the happiness and contentment that I feel at this time in my life.
Me with a camera - this is a typical site - I often wonder if this is how my children will describe me when they are older.

I had to work the night before my birthday, but this is what I came home too.  Thoughtful sweetness and the kids were bursting with excitement for me to open my gifts. 
I was always one who loved her birthday...I'd count down for weeks and it was always made special by my parents and friends.  But now that I have kids of my own, I'm so content with letting the day slip by.  It's just not what's important to me any more.  I'd rather focus my energy on their birthdays. mom was here with us over my birthday and she wasn't about to let my day go by unnoticed.  Just as I would never down play Carter or Kennedy's birthday.  She took the kids shopping, Kyle got donuts and both ensured that I got to have a day that was just as I wanted it.  I am thankful for their thoughtfulness and feel blessed to have a mama who loves me and even though I'm 34, she won't forget that I'm her child. 

A hand written "momy" might have been my best gift!
I love that Carter can pick out a card, sign and address it himself.  He and Kennedy also got to choose a gift for me while out shopping with Nana.  They chose a pretty red bowl (to replace a lovely purple one that met it's end when helping, little socked feet slipped on freshly cleaned floor).  Carter later informed me that he most wanted to get me the few Harry Potter books that we don't own yet (they have quickly become his very favorite).  Unfortunately, Target didn't have hardbound copies so that gift idea will have to wait until next time.

A fun dinner out was all I really wanted for my day (well, that and just a touch of quiet...time to rest, blog, edit photos and read in a peaceful space.  Kyle and Mom made that happen too.  I was truly spoiled)

greatest gift of all
happy and healthy family

Look at all of that food!
We ate early and took the liberty of ordering many small plates off the happy hour menu at Tommy O's.  I got to indulge with a couple sushi rolls which Carter was anxious to try.  Such fun memories.  We had Hawaiian Kahlua pork sliders (Carter's fave), coconut shrimp (two orders were needed since Kennedy loved them!), salad rolls, salad, fish and chips.  Oh and wine, yummy wine. A smorgasbord of deliciousness!

my loves

And my birthday celebrations was really more of a birthday month, which only extends the feelings of being loved.  
Last week I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with my sweet friend, Kathy.  It was a marathon event, as I think we talked for five hours straight!  It was a perfect evening - delicious food, a warm night for dining outside and fabulous company and conversation.  Thank you for treating me to a fun birthday night out, Kathy!

The following night, Carrie and I met in downtown Camas and tried Oliver's, a restaurant that we had read about and talked about trying for months. (I'm bummed I didn't get a picture, but we met at the restaurant and it wasn't the type of place where I felt comfortable asking the waiter to take a snapshot)  It was a much needed evening together, time to talk and reconnect.  Our lives are so busy and are often moving in opposite directions, but I so cherish our time together.  Again, delicious dinner and fantastic company!  Care, thanks for always making the effort to ensure I feel celebrated on my birthday, love you!

This past Sunday after church, Kennedy and I headed into Portland to meet Kirstin and Lillian for brunch.  We went to a darling restaurant, Petite Provence and enjoyed some amazing food.  The girls spied the cookies in the dessert cases and enjoyed an after lunch treat.  Kennedy was thrilled with her "frog prince".  A fun way to spend the afternoon, although Kirst and I had to time we want to have a real conversation, we might think twice about bringing two toddlers along!  Thanks for the special lunch, friends!

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  1. First of all, I love that photo of your mom and Kennedy ~ how sweet is that? And I'm glad you felt loved and celebrated on your birthday! You deserve it. I too, so enjoyed our dinner out ~ it was truly a wonderful evening.