Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fun with Nana

Of of the reasons why I love summer is because my mom usually spends a big chunk of time here with us.  We are lucky.  Lucky to have her.  Lucky to have her help, love, support and fun energy.  The kids love having her stay with us and it instantly becomes our new normal.  They go to her room in the morning and she quickly adjusts to our routines.  It's always more fun doing special things with an extra set of hands, so during her visit we made a trip to the beach and enjoyed lots of summery activities.  Mom, thank you for all that you to help and all that you did to make our summer more fun!  We love you!

Kennedy had an appointment with an ENT up at OHSU, so we took that opportunity to ride the tram (something that we've talked about doing forever).  It was a quick ride up and down but the views were amazing.
The pictures are on my phone, so I'll need to add those later.

Since we were already downtown, we headed to NE and enjoyed lunch at the Grilled Cheese Grill.  This is such a "Portland" restaurant - ordering from an old trailer and eating in an old, tricked out school bus.  The kids loved it!  The sandwiches are fantastic, so we enjoyed it too.

Nana and Pops took the kids to the zoo one Friday.  
Look how tall Carter is getting!!!  Pretty soon, he'll be taller than Nana.
They enjoyed special ice cream treats and a ride on the train.

little monkeys at the zoo

Train ride - even though we've done this dozens of times, the kids always enjoy it.

A day wasn't complete without some time spent crafting.  Nana happily obliged and had fun creating with Kennedy.

Thank goodness Nana can handle rides - a trip to Oaks Park wouldn't be complete without a ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl.  Bleh.  The kids loved it!

Braving the little roller coaster on their own

After a morning spent at Kids Club, Nana treated Carter and Kennedy to a special lunch at a little diner.  They had delicious breakfast foods (for lunch, how fun!) and a waitress who thought they were darling.  They ate it up!

Off to the berry fields for some yummy raspberry picking.
They picked for well over an hour and came home with over a gallon of berries.  
Good work kids!

On Nana's last day, we went miniature golfing and enjoyed a fun lunch.
This place is retro and has been around forever, but we all had a lot of fun.

Kennedy needed a little help

We love you Nana and look forward to our time together next summer...we'll start thinking of fun things to do now.

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  1. Such a treat to have a mom/grandma who can and will keep up with the grandkids!! I love seeing your mom whenever she comes and I aspire to be a grandma like her someday!! I am very impressed that she could do the tilt/twirl ride because I can't handle those rides at all!