Friday, July 27, 2012

Australia Friends

Each time my dear friend, Jackie, and her family make it to the states (they live in Brisbane, Australia but manage a trip at least once a year), we try to squeeze in a visit.  It's amazing how quickly the kids grow and change and it's been fun documenting our visits with a photo each time.  We always have a wonderful time and feel like we could talk for hours more.  Jackie and I have been friends since junior high and I know that we'll remain friends for a lifetime.  I'm blessed by friendships like these - effortless, comforting and constant.  It's so fun to see our children together, laughing and playing and having a wonderful time.
It was a fantastic morning spent with cherished friends.
Here is our brood:
Ava (almost 2), Alessia (5), Sienna (7), baby Luca (4 weeks!), Kennedy (4) and Carter (6)

Mamas and kiddos

Kennedy and Alessia waiting to go for a ride
Jackie's parents live on an acre in Vancouver and have the most fabulous back yard - perfect for a summer play date!

Carter and Sienna
It was cute to see the kids pair up - Carter and Sienna got a long great and had a lot of fun together.

trampolines are always fun!

big kids got a turn on the 4-wheeler driven by Fil
Our time together is always special and we are so grateful for the Nucifora's hospitality.  We all had a great time!

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