Wednesday, July 25, 2012

little ballerina

Kennedy started ballet and she is thrilled!
She absolutely loved getting dressed up in all of her gear and really enjoyed her first class.  I'm going out on a  limb here, but I'd hazard to say she may never be a prima ballerina, but what she lacks in grace or skill, she certainly makes up with enthusiasm.  She loved it!
She happily posed for pictures before we left for class

sweet little ballerina feet

let's go, Mom -  
She was ready to dance!

Lauren is taking the class too, so that made the first one easier
Such cute friends

Look at me
Checking back with Lauren to make sure she was okay

comparing, trying, helping, encouraging?  Not quite sure what what going on here, but they were too cute.  The whole class was extreme cuteness, I assure you.

Trying hard to get her feet just right...
She has a ways to go, but as long as she likes it we'll encourage her to stick with it and try.
Good job, Sis - we're proud of you!

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