Saturday, July 21, 2012

a day at the beach

Our summer wouldn't be complete without at least one trip to the beach...I love the Oregon coast, it is truly one of my most favorite places on earth.  Each time I visit, I am impressed and amazed at the beauty of this particular spot in the world.  (of course I wish it were a tad warmer, but for this type of beauty I won't complain)  It was a gorgeous drive out through the coastal range, and I was hoping we'd have sunshine.  And we did...until about three miles outside of Tillamook, then the clouds gathered and grew thicker and we were socked in for a bit.

Perfect time for a stop at the cheese factory!

The kids love the Tillamook - they are cheese lovers and the fact that there is always an ice cream cone at the end of our tour didn't hurt.  They love ice cream even more! 

Carter the farmer and Kennedy the cow

Look at all that cheese!
I was impressed by the volume and speed with which the workers moved.  There were a ton of cheese bricks moving all around - the info along the tour was equally impressive.  Millions of gallons of milk are processed into millions of pounds of cheese - daily.  Carter was into watching and learning, we did a lot of theorizing about what the workers were doing and how they made sure each loaf was perfect.  

cheese tasting, yum!

free ice cream samples, this is my kind of place

a biggie, no kiddie cone for these two, they wanted the big one.  
wow.  that is a lot of ice cream!  Some sort of berry pie for Carter and...

chocolate for Miss
A LOT of chocolate
So if you're keeping track, that's two ice cream cones each...all before noon.  I love summer!

We piled back into the car and headed north towards Manzanita
The sun was out and was warm, but once we stepped onto the beach, the winds were blowing so hard Kennedy nearly fell over.  It really was too bad, because without the harsh winds it would have been absolutely gorgeous!

I took a ton of pictures so I will let them speak for themselves:

 After an hour or so at Manzanita, we headed further north towards Cannon Beach. 
 I love Cannon Beach.  I love the shops, the beautiful beaches, the cute cafes and the gorgeous flowers.
The clouds returned, but there was a lot less wind here, as well.
These flowers were too pretty not to snap a few pictures.

I am humbled by the vastness of the beach and ocean.  
Just a reminder of how very small we are...

The kids had so much fun twirling, running and playing.  This was after dinner, so it had cooled down but they would have stayed here for hours.  The beach was mostly deserted, so we stayed and played a bit before driving back home.
A wonderful day at the beach!

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