Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ahoy Matey!

A Pirate Party 
Happy 5th Birthday, Brevin!
The kids and I had a wonderful time celebrating Brevin's 5th birthday at Blue Lake Park.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't too warm, but the kids didn't mind a bit and ran and played and had tons of fun.
Eye patches and bandannas were waiting for the kids along with a yummy snack...I love how my two jumped right in and had fun dressing up.  They were ready to have fun!

ARGH!  Pirate Kennedy

The kids found a treasure map and went on a hunt for the hidden treasure.  There was an old map, a ring, some rope, a shovel and finally a chest of treasure - it was an awesome idea and all of the kids had fun playing along.

the wee pirates with their hearty treasure

Kennedy and her loot

more sugar!  
delicious cupcakes with a hidden Hershey kiss treasure baked inside

Even though it was cloudy and cool, the water beckoned the kids and before we packed up, my two were fully swimming in the freezing lake.  What started off as wading and dipping their toes quickly led to splashing, jumping and then swimming.
A super fun party for a super special boy!

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