Friday, August 24, 2012

Swimming - my little fish

One of my favorite parts of the summer has been the kids' swimming lessons.  We tried out a new place, an outdoor pool in our neighborhood, and it worked out well.  The instruction wasn't the best, but the kids got time in the pool to practice and play and I got 60 minutes of restorative sunshine and great conversation with my sweet friend, Kathy.  It was like a mini vacation each afternoon.  A little bit of heaven!  And the kids had a ball.  They both love the water and love to swim so much.  Kennedy continues to be fearless and has actually shown some progress with her strokes this summer.  Carter had a great foundation and has definitely enjoyed his time in the pool.  It was even more fun that they got to swim with their friends.  I think we'll return to our normal pool in the winter months, but this was a great change for the summer.

Matching swimsuit day
There were cute twins in Kennedy and Kaitlin's class, so Kathy and I coordinated with their mom and had the kids wear matching suits one day.
Such cuteness!

These two have really enjoyed each other this summer and I'm thankful for this new friendship for Kennedy.  Both girls are strong willed so it can get interesting at times, but they have many similar interests and have fun playing together.

The diving board was new - no fear!

Diving right in!

Carter getting a little instruction
so happy to be in the water

Carter and Andrew were in the same class and had a lot of fun together

Getting ready...

jumping in!
It really was such a fun two weeks and I feel blessed that Carter and Kennedy are able to do these sorts of things.  I hope that these times provided fun summer memories for them.

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