Friday, August 24, 2012

kick-off to soccer season

Kennedy was so excited to play soccer this year...we had hopes that she'd love to be on the field, running free and showing some of her aggressive spirit.  Um.  Not so much.  She sure loved shopping for the gear (pink on her cleats of course and a new pink soccer ball were necessities) but when she got to the field she was shy and hesitant. 
Each year our soccer club puts on free mini-clinics for the youngest players before the season starts.  They are run by high schoolers so it is what it is - a lot of little drills, some more successful than others.  Kennedy did fine at first but I think the combination of the heat, the late hour and just her feeling like she'd had enough didn't make for a good end to the night.  I went out on the field with her and tried to help the situation, but she did not want to play.  At all.  This all lead to one of the worst temper tantrums she has ever thrown.  And it was in public.  A big crowded space with 100+ parents, no less.  Perfect.  We marched off to the car while Carter waited in line to get a snow cone for himself and Miss K proceeded to scream until we got home.  Not the great start to the soccer season that I had hoped for.  Thankfully she did better the next week, but she remained timid and doesn't seem to be enjoying it much.  Kyle and I are hopeful that once she gets on her team (with a few friends) and has familiar coaches (Daddy is assisting) that she will enjoy her season.  If not, this could be an awfully long eight weeks. 

My little soccer players
(she really did seem excited)

The first 45 minutes went really well...
running back for water with a smile on her face,

but things started to go down hill at this point. 
A little overwhelming and the girls were not having it.  That's Lauren chewing on her hair as Kennedy picked at her finger nails.  Oh boy.

Carter seemed to enjoy it and he and Andrew will be on the same team again.  I am not sure how long Carter will continue with soccer, though.  His talents don't lend themselves to being an awesome player, but as long as he's having fun we'd love for him to continue.  I think it's a great sport for little ones and a great way to stay active and play with a team. 
I am hopeful for a good season for both of them.

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