Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time with Family

Stacy and Sloane made a quick weekend trip up to Portland a few weeks ago and we got the chance to spend some time with them.  It was wonderful!  Sloane has grown and changed so much and is such a happy and fun little girl.  Such sweetness!  I always leave our visits wishing they lived closer.  
Sweet Sloane

Auntie Stacy and Kennedy (with Rainbow - a newly created friend that Kennedy lovingly made during a date with Daddy)

Carter enjoying the sunshine on the patio

Impromptu dance party after dinner...
This picture doesn't really do the scene justice.  The music was blaring and the kids were having so much fun!  These are the moments when I stop and am so thankful to have a loving and fun extended family for our children to grow up with. 


The two girls - I can't wait to see their friendship develop as they grow up.  Such cuteness!

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