Friday, September 14, 2012

Soccer (times 2)

With both kids playing soccer, it feels at times like we are living at the fields.  But it's been a really fun start to the season and they both seem to be enjoying themselves.  Carter is on a new team this year, and it's great!  The boys want to be there, pay attention and are definitely a bit more skilled.  He seems to like it a lot more this year.  His coach is high energy and really intent on physical fitness.  I think it's great!  Kennedy's team is co-ed this year and it's also really great.  We know each of the other five players, either from school, friends or gymnastics, so it's a ton of fun.  She gets a little shy at times, but seems to be having fun during practice and really got into the game.  Kyle is the assistant coach, so that helps a bit.
Carter is on the Blue Zombies and Kennedy is on the Swarm

I'm not a huge soccer fan in general but for this age, I really think it's the perfect sport.  They learn about team work and get to be a member of a group, they get to have a ton of fun, it's not really competitive and they get a lot of exercise.

Thumbs up and ready to play her first game!

super stars :)

Kennedy and Lauren are playing together on the same team.  Nick is the head coach, so Kennedy is very comfortable at practice.

Carter's game was first ~ he was out on the field at the start and was directing his teammates here.  It just made me laugh, because this is so Carter.  Not only did he play the game, he took it upon himself to coach and ref too.

game face
He's pretty serious about the games, as he pays attention to the score and definitely wants to win.  
(they don't officially keep score, but all the kids know)
He really had a lot of fun and scored two goals, so he was a happy boy. 
(and his team won about 20-1)

happy girl?  
not so much.

getting in on the action
he really did play a great game and we were very proud of him

Andrew is still on our team and they have so much fun playing together.  

oh that face
someone didn't want her picture taken

they just had fun and I loved watching it

And then it was Kennedy's turn...
I was so proud of my girl ~ she really got into the game and tried her best.  She handled the ball a lot, kicking it down the field.  She definitely got a little flustered as the other players all bunched around her, but she did great and played hard.  
Way to go Kennedy!

Taking it to the goal...

and it's in!
She scored a goal!!!
She didn't really get too excited, because I'm not sure she knew she scored.  But after the game, Kyle and I made a pretty big deal about it and she was really happy.

Can you tell the look of concentration on her face?
She had her tongue out and a serious look on her face the entire time she had the ball.
It was so adorable.

perhaps a little nervous, too?
the picking of fingers is an obvious sign

It was a beautiful, sunny day so the boys ended up shirtless and red cheeked.

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