Saturday, October 20, 2012

{pumpkin patch ~ 2012}

We had the most beautiful, sunny fall day to visit the pumpkin patch this year.
(We had tried to go the weekend before, but because it was early in the season the patch wasn't open on Sundays yet.  We tried again on Wednesday afternoon and had a great time!)

Not above a bit of bribery, I told the kids that they could choose treats if they happily posed for a few pictures.  They did great ~ and each got a cookie and some yummy fudge!

I love fall!

what would a photo shoot be without some silly faces?
we were just killing a little time while Carter ran to the bathroom

This picture is so Kennedy ~ she's quite the ham when she wants to be.
oh, how I love her


willing participants for some more pictures

my loves
I sometimes find it weird that my kids look nothing like me...if I hadn't been there, I might question it a bit more :)

a great family shot

We ran into Carter's buddy from school and had a nice visit with his family.
The boys ran all around and had a wonderful time.  We went searching for our pumpkins with pinker cheeks!

getting a lift from daddy

How did he get so big?  he just won't stop growing...and there are times I'm am nearly desperate to halt it all together.  Carter's so much fun at this age, but as I hold him at night or snuggle on the couch, I realize he's not quite fitting on my lap any more. 

We still have this little monkey who loves being silly ~ that pumpkin was heavy!

such a handsome boy

We've got our loot ~ the kids picked the biggest pumpkins that they could find this year.  Good thing Daddy was with us, because I would have been hard pressed to lift them at all!  I think we ended up with nearly 50 pounds of pumpkins, quite a haul!

Enjoying a yummy apple on the hay ride

Going to the pumpkin patch is such a simple, fun tradition and I just love it.  The kids had a wonderful time and we all enjoyed our time together as a family.

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  1. I love these pictures - and the one of your family is awesome!! I think it's hard to see ourselves in our kids (at least it is for me when I look at my kids) - but your kids definitely have you in them, for sure!!!