Saturday, February 9, 2013

a little bit of life ~ January edition

I am so glad that I'm not the only one who has been slacking a bit in the blog department.  I've noticed several friends taking longer breaks in between entries, too.  I think the relief of finishing up all of those holiday posts combined with the less exciting month of January left me with little energy to find anything worthy to document.  But, after looking back over the pictures that I took this month, there were several notable events that I'll get to and also lots of little things that would be fun to include in a "picture dump" type post.

So here it goes, a little of what we did in January...
We started the New Year off with a little snow.  I stress the word little...I think we had a slight dusting, but it was enough to excite Carter and Kennedy who rushed outside and rode around on their new bikes.

Oh how she loves her tacky fancy bike!

We enjoyed an extra week with Nana who didn't have to start school until the 2nd week of January.  We always love our time together.

There has been no shortage of tea parties around our house this month.  Between Kennedy's fancy, porcelain set and her new, everyday plastic princess set, we seem to have multiple parties a day.
On a side note ~ Kennedy was such an angel during Nana's stay.  As I've said before, Miss K isn't always the easiest child to parent - she is strong willed and somewhat defiant - but the entire time that my mom was here over the holidays, Kennedy was a dream.  Polite, sweet, funny, kind - all of her positive personality traits in abundance.  It was so wonderful!  She seemed so much happier and was such a joy to be around.  There were no tantrums or sassy back talking...a little slice of heaven for 12 days! 
I would love to be able to write that this amazingly good behavior has lasted, and it has to some extent (I think we've turned a little corner and things are much better on a day to day basis), but this little chunk of time was to be treasured!

an afternoon at home calls for a little silliness

"Dear Tooth Fairy, May I please keep my tooth?  Love, Carter"
Carter's loosing teeth frequently and his smile is starting to resemble that of an NHL player.
This was the first tooth that was lost at school and it came home in a cute little plastic tooth carrier.
Unfortunately, Kyle was out of town and the tooth fairy didn't have any cash in her wallet.  Thankfully I have sweet friends who live close and could spot the tooth fairy a little loan :)  Crisis diverted!

Our small group has taken a little break over January, but the ladies and girls managed to plan a fun outing one Sunday afternoon.  We met for frozen yogurt at Menchie's and then headed to VEGA to watch a gymnastics competition.  One of our youth from church was competing and the girls had fun seeing her do her routines.

Someone discovered Mommy's make-up
I've been working hard to clean out closets and drawers throughout the house ~ a fun little challenge to rid our house of forty bags of stuff in forty days.  (I'm over half way there and it feels great!)  Anyways, one afternoon I decided to tackle the master bathroom and Kennedy was eager to help.  I have a cosmetic bag full of make up samples and products that I don't use on a regular basis.  Kennedy had a ball ~ a little blush, some pink sparkly eye shadow and a little lip gloss made her feel very fancy!

A play date with Gracie was a change of pace for us - less princess and more super heroes
I love that about Kennedy...she isn't so girly that she turns up her nose at typical boy activities.  She's a great mix of girly girl, bug catcher, dare devil and wrestler.

A princess tea party
A play date with Kaitlin and Kennedy always includes princess dresses!

After church and lots of errands, Kennedy and I had a nice little lunch out.  As much as I missed Carter and Kyle when they were up skiing every Sunday, it was fun to have special time with my girl.

a trip to Menchies
this picture makes me smile
Kennedy is licking her bowl clean and Carter is photo bombing the picture

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