Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We love Nana

Nana and her infinite helping hands arrived on Saturday...thank goodness! Kyle and I were both feeling a little worn down and are now relishing in the extra hour(s) of sleep, an extra person to read books and change diapers and just another set of hands to help out. I know the words are small, but thank you, Mom. We can't say it enough, we appreciate all that you do for us!

Carter could not be more thrilled to have his Nana here for the week - he welcomed her with the biggest hug, numerous "I missed you, Nana"-s and just general sweetness. It took Kennedy a few days to warm up, although she was out of sorts with other things as well, but by yesterday she was definitely Nana's girl. I wish that we could be doing more exciting things, but with day light savings throwing off our schedule and Kennedy's morning naps we've been sticking close to home. Perhaps we'll venture out tomorrow...

This picture was taken Saturday night, just a few hours after Nana arrived in Portland. Carter could not get enough of her. It was so sweet. It was all love, hugs and "I missed you, Nana"-s.

Not only do I love the help during the day, but I love my mom's company even more. Last night we escaped to Target of all places but really had a good time. It was so fun to shop around leisurely, throw ideas back and forth and spend time catching up without interruption. It was the highlight of my week so far!
Thank goodness for Arizona's early spring break!

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