Sunday, March 15, 2009

6 Years

On this day six years ago, Kyle and I were married and enjoyed a wonderful wedding. And last night we celebrated this special day with a fun dinner out at McCormick & Schmicks downtown. It was great to enjoy each other's company and treat ourselves to a deliciously fancy dinner. As we ate, we were marveling at the quiet and relaxing atmosphere. We had no toddler climbing over the back of the booth, no baby throwing her spoon or dropping her cup, we didn't have to flag down the waiter once to clean up spilled milk...heaven! It was the most enjoyable meal we've had in months! We actually enjoyed a leisurely drink, finished multiple conversations and lingered over dessert. It was a very special evening.
Happy Anniversary, Kyle. I love you and all that you are to our family. We are blessed.

Sadly we didn't get a picture together, but here is one of my handsome hubby with our wonderfully decadent (and free!) chocolate cake.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Katie and Kyle! Glad you could escape for a romantic dinner out. :)